Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tasty Thursday! (My Fitness Pal edition)

A day of calorie counting with My Fitness Pal looks pretty similar to a day on Weight Watchers.  However, there are some things that I've noticed that I'm doing differently now in regards to food choices.

1)  I'm snacking less now.  Especially at nighttime.  When I was on WW following the Simply Filling Technique, I had gotten into the habit of eating a bowl of shredded wheat with soy milk most nights, often an overflowing one that I wasn't even that hungry for.  I had convinced myself since shredded wheat and soy milk were Power Foods, that it was perfectly okay.  I would never do that now, unless I was under my calories for the day, which so far has not been a problem!

2)  I'm allowing myself to eat chips and cookies in actual moderation now.  Seriously, since this is my PMS/TOM week, I decided to allow myself an individual baggie of chips and an individual baggie of mini-oreos every day if I want them.  With calorie counting, those things are not that bad.  On WW, it would have meant several PoinstPlus, probably somewhere in the double digits.  And for some reason, for me that meant either "all" (eat an entire giant bag of chips or entire ream of oreos) or "nothing" (don't even LOOK at those foods).  But with calorie-counting, one serving a day is fine.

Okay, here goes:

Breakfast was at 8:30-ish and was amazing!!!  It was 1 cup of oats with 1 cup of almond milk, with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and 1 tablespoon sugar free maple syrup...  Mmmm, it tasted like pancakes in oatmeal form!

The banana was my planned morning snack, but it had bruises so I couldn't eat it.  I know, but I just seriously cannot eat a badly bruised banana.  Not pictured:  1 ounce of almonds.

Lunch was a fun mix of leftovers in a bowl:  1 cup of barley, 1/2 cup of kidney beans, a bit of canned tomatoes, and some leftover broccoli and cauliflower, all mixed up with 1 teaspoon of EVOO.

My afternoon snack was described above- 1 baggie of mini-oreos and 1 baggie of Lay's potato chips.

Dinner was filling and yummy.  1 cup chickpeas, 1 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup tomatoes, and 1 teaspoon EVOO.

My evening snack was the rest of this cantelope, which was delicious, but definately on its last legs!

Total calories for the day: 
1887 (calories eaten)
- 607 (exercise calories)
= 1280 net calories

Well, I'm off to earn my exercise calories with some The Firm and my bike!  :-)

Did you eat anything especially interesting or delicious today?

I will leave you all with an adorable picture of Rose and Dot. 


Bianca said...

Hi Leah! I count calories too, so I know exactly what you're talking about! I use the Lose It app on my iPhone, and I'm not trying to lose weight...just maintain. I have a bit of a food addiction, and if I don't record my calories, I feel like I have license to eat whatever I want.

Good news on the progress! You look great! And I have been to Imagine! We have a little friend group that meets there every Wednesday night for dinner at 7 p.m. and every Sunday for brunch at 1 p.m. (they just launched brunch last week, so that's kinda new). You're welcome to join us anytime!

Katie said...

Leah--your day sounds great! I love eating mixes with beans, veggies, and olive oil. That's my main problem with Points Plus too. It seriously penalizes "junk" food, so that you're tempted to either avoid it at all costs or binge. I think a small bag of chips is fine!

Your dogs are super cute! Makes me want a puppy ;)

Rae Jeannine said...

Looks and sounds like a great day. I feel the same way about my fitness pal. I have been having small amounts of treats everyday too and haven't felt bingey so far. First time in a long while I can say I feel in control of my food instead of the food controlling me.

Megan said...

I completely understand what you mean about the junk food. I have peanut butter toast every morning for breakfast, and if I was still counting points, it would probably be like 6 points or something, but it's less than 200 calories and there are no preservatives or anything. I really don't think I could go back to WW. I'm VERY thankful for everything it's taught me, but I love my calories now!

MYVON said...

I was calorie counting for months and kept gaining weight and inches, even with exercising. Now that I have joined weight watchers I have lost weight and inches ~~ guess I just had to pay to lose my weight because using iMapMyFitness and, Lose it for free just didn't cut it. But feeling better now that I have lost my first 10 lbs, only 30 at least to go if not more, but we will try 30 to begin with.

Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

Thanks for all the support, everyone! :-)

MYVON- WW is an amazing program, and I'm not saying that I will never go back to it. If I've learned anything in the last two years it's that I should never say "never" or "always" when it comes to which diet/program I will follow. ;-)

Jc Pearson said...

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