Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!

Tasty Tuesday is back, people!  Woo-hoo!  This is the first Tasty Tuesday entry of mine as an Intuitive Eater.  There are definately some differences between my Simply Filling Technique Tasty Tuesdays and my Intuitive Eating one.  The most obvious is that I'm not really 100% following the GHGs anymore, although I do still try to eat mostly healthy foods.

I forgot my camera for breakfast, so just believe me when I tell you that I had a banana around 8 and my regular oatmeal (oats, almond milk, applesauce) between 9 and 11 (eaten a bite at a time, here and there, as hungry). 

Lunch, around 12:30, was a fabulous mixture of leftovers.  Chickpeas, barley, tomatoes, some hummus, and a teaspoon of EVOO made up this delicious bowl, of which I ate a few bites (until satisfied).

I have plenty leftover for tomorrow's lunch, and maybe even some for Thursday.  Alongside my bowl, I had some carrots and a liter of water with a packet of pink lemonade Crystal Lite.

Around 3, I enjoyed a large Fuji apple, which was very delicious!  It's my favorite type of apple.  Yes, with a Diet Coke!  And yes, I desperately need to tidy up my desk.
After work (around 5:30), I was hungry and wanted some chips and salsa, so I had some of these yummy Red Hot Blues (my current obsession) with a side of refried beans and salsa.

About an hour later, I was a little hungry again and ate a Lara Bar.

From 8 to 9, I exercised!  First I did The Firm Weight Loss System DVD followed by 20 minutes on the recumbant bike.  Just to let you know how brutal that DVD is for me, I decided to post a gross sweaty post-workout picture of myself.  I'm sorry.
LOL, I didn't realize how hilarious my face looks here.  Exhausted but energized!  Great workout.
At 9, I had an ice cream sandwich.  Don't worry, it's vegan!  :-)  It's by Tofutti and it's delicious.

After eating this, I'm not gonna lie.  I had cravings and thoughts of eating more.  Eating the rest of the box of ice cream sandwiches, or some of the oreos, or some potato chips...

Then I remembered one of the basics of IE: I can eat that stuff any time I want it.  So there is no need to binge on it tonight and "start over" tomorrow.  Nope, it's there for if/when I want it.  So, I came on to blog my Tasty Tuesday post, and then I'm off to bed. 

I didn't count calories or PointsPlus, and I am not going to worry about the nutritional value of today's choices.  I have figured out that when I listen to my body, I generally make pretty healthy choices these days.  Could I have skipped the post-workout ice cream?  Absolutely.  But I was hungry and it was what I wanted.  :-)


melissa said...

what a great day! it all sounds delicious. i find myself having the same thoughts after a few oreo's; i just want to eat the whole bag! thank you for reassuring me that those thoughts happen but do not need to come to fruition :)

Mariebop said...

I have to say that if I saw your lunch in the fridge here, I might be tempted to steal it. :P Does it always seem that you have food on your desk? I do... I eat about every 2 hours or so. It seems like I'm always eating.

Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

Mariebop- I eat about every two hours, too! Not a "rule" or anything, it's just when I'm hungry. Love eating this way!