Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wave 1 - Day 5

breakfast: oatmeal with almond milk (more porridgey than usual)

snack: peanut butter with apple!
lunch: 50% veggies, 30% tilapia, 20% whole grains (barley)
with some evoo and vinegar
dinner: cooked veggies with vegetarian
refried beans
I felt like giving up again early in the day... but after my apple and PB snack, I felt so much better.  I think that I may be learning how to deal without junk food.

I am convinced now that what I'm dealing with is detoxing from a sugar addiction.  That's how crappy I feel a lot of the time.  But my friends and FB people advise me that the terrible cravings and physical shock will only last about a week, and after that I will feel better than ever.  So I'm going to hang in.

One thing that is new for me is that I am only eating when really hungry, because I am so sick of these foods that it's not fun to eat anymore.  This was the opposite intent of the diet, which is supposed to be all about learning to enjoy food more.

I think that because I have to stick to a budget, it is hard to have much variety through the week when my food list is so limited.  I can't buy a large variety of fruits and vegetables when I'm the only one eating them.  So I have to make do.

I'm looking forward to Wave 2, when I will be able to treat myself more often and have a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables to eat.

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