Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Superhero Plan

breakfast: oatmeal, banana

lunch: barley w/ white beans and EVOO, steamed zucchini and greens w/ lime juice and sea salt

dinner: brown rice w/ pinto beans, big salad w/ oil and vinegar, steamed greens w/ lemon juice

snacks: airpopped popcorn, guacamole (avacado, onion, lime juice)

exercise: Curves and Nordic Track (90 minutes total)

I had a gain this last week. I'm back up to 188.2. I know it's because I overate and underexercised for a week, and now I'm back on track and re-focused. Ready to conquer the world as a superhero. :-)

Despite the dietary limitations of the superhero plan, I feel a great freedom with it. I can eat as many whole grains and vegetables as I need to to feel satisfied. No more calorie counting ever. It feels great!

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