Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Becoming a Superhero in steps...

I feel like I've really deviated from my quest to become a superhero. Therefore, I'm going to start taking the steps, once again, to becoming a superhero as outlined in the book (and losing 1-2 pounds every week by following most of the suggestions in the "tips for faster weight loss" section).

Leah's 5 Step Plan to becoming more like a Superhero!!!

1) Start at breakfast. Plan breakfast the night before. Put the pot and oatmeal right by the stovetop and set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier to make oatmeal. Acceptable superhero breakfasts: oatmeal, leftover grains, steamed greens, miso soup. Acceptable vegan breakfasts: all superhero breakfasts plus fruit, nuts, seeds; granola bars

2) Start going to the farmers market or produce store every weekend. Try new things, inculding vegetables Alicia considers "magic" like daikon.

3) Cook from the book. Yes, I admit it: I have yet to actually cook even one meal from TKD. I've been a very lazy vegan. (which by the way is the title of the book destined to make me famous and/or rich some day, "The Lazy Vegan"... or does that already exsist?)

4) Make a monthly trip to the health food store. Stock up on bulk whole grains, try some new organic produce, get a couple of vegan junk food items (should probably erase that last thought, but Rice Dream was mentioned in the book more than once!)

5) Keep up with the exercising. Add variety to my routine. Start biking on the weekends and learn how to run! Maybe start the Couch to 5K thing. Anything to keep it fun! :-)

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