Monday, May 3, 2010

Lost Weight Again!

Down another 1.3 pounds. How exciting, especially after consuming not 1, but 2 entire Amy's pizzas last week. With no outside help, by the way. Wednesday night dinner? Amy's pizza! Thursday night dinner? Amy's pizza! Now if only those things didn't cost $7.99 apiece, I could justify eating them that often every week.

This week, my ultimate food goal is to learn how to make my own vegan pizza. So far my thoughts are: tortilla pan-fried in olive oil, pizza sauce, vegetables, bake in oven for a certain amount of time at a certain temperature, with an end result of a tiny crispy crust pizza! We'll see. I'll definately let you guys know how the experiment goes. (and any advice and/or suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated!)

Anyway, time to get to my new week. Today's plan, you ask?

breakfast: oatmeal
snack 1: almonds and raisins
lunch: millet, beans, vegetables (probably canned today, out of fresh)
snack 2: banana
dinner: bean burritos (tortilla, refried beans, salsa); salad
exericse: 30 minutes Curves, 60 minutes Gazelle


Psykochatter said...

We make pizza at home all the time! Sometimes we use crust (you can buy dough at the store) or I use a tortilla or pita. You don't even have to fry it.. just plopping it in the oven will crisp it right up.

Something new I've been doing also is using diced tomatoes instead of sauce. Us that and cover it in veggies.. you won't even miss the cheese!

NewGilmoreGirl said...

That sounds awesome! Thanks for that.