Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I want to love all whole grains...

... but I just don't. So far, almost every "fancy" grain I've tried, I haven't liked.
When I say "fancy" I mean something that sounds exotic to me, like quinoa, millet, couscous.

I still haven't tried my barley, so keep your fingers crossed!

Leah's Whole Grains Reviews:

1) Quinoa.

I was super excited to try quinoa. I had heard from many people how awesome it is, how delicious, filling, protein-filled... all of it. Gag. I did not care for it. But it wasn't nearly as gross to me as

2) Millet.

Another fail. I am hoping that I made this wrong, because it was kind of crunchy, which is what turned me off. I made it according to the package instructions though, so hmmm...

3) Couscous.
I actually love couscous! This was a pleasant surprise after the failure of both quinoa and millet. Though I had tried it before (thanks, Joel!), I hadn't tried the whole wheat version, and I'm happy to announce that I love it.

4) Brown Rice.

Not fancy, not interesting, but I love brown rice! I could eat it at every meal, and there have been days that I do. I especially love it with some EVOO, sunflower seeds, and beans.
Delicious and filling.

5) Oatmeal.
Another not fancy whole grain. But I LOVE OATMEAL. Some days I will have oatmeal for dinner, which is awesome. Actually, I think I will have oatmeal for dinner tonight. :-)

6) Popcorn.

Yay for popcorn! I love that this is a whole grain. Feels like cheating when I eat this. I have finally learned to embrace air-popped popcorn, after perfecting my technique of preparing it. Want to know my "secret"? Okay, here it is: Put the air-popped pocorn into a bag (plastic or paper both work fine), add a teaspoon or two of a healthy oil (I prefer EVOO) and a dash of sea salt, and shake it up. Then either pour into a bowl or if eat straight from the bag! I haven't snuck it into a movie theatre yet, but don't think I won't.


Psykochatter said...

I quite enjoy Quinoa, but the boy does not. It smells gross when cooking it.. and eating it plain is a chore. I don't know how you prepared it.. but you might want to give it another chance.

The first time I had it and really liked it, I topped it with a serving of Amy's Chili (which is vegan).

I have millet to try.. but i'm very scared of it.

NewGilmoreGirl said...

Oh, I definately will give it another chance, mostly because I hate wasting food and I bought a bag of each of these. Thanks for the tip about the chili!

melissa said...

i bought some quinoa, but have yet to eat it. guess you could say i'm nervous, which makes no sense since it's a tiny grain! i tried some whole wheat couscous the other day and it was very filling, but not too delicious. i'll eat it, but probably never "crave" it.