Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Story time!

So I'm out on my bike ride last night, not a care in the world. It's the first week as a WW-er who has lost over 50 pounds, it's the last week that I'll be 25 years old, my body feels great, powerful, and healthy. It's a bit cold out, the first taste of the fall weather here in Tennessee. I'm feeling great about life, and about myself!

I turn a corner and there is a group of boys, probably ages 8-12 (I'm bad at guessing kid's ages. They could have been 6 or 15, too, but 8-12 is my best guess.). I don't think anything of them, just acknowledge their presence in my mind as carefree kids shooting the breeze on a Tuesday evening after school.

As I approach the group (as it's on my route), one of them shouts at me, "Hey, lady you need a better bike." That doesn't bother me, I just ignore them and keep on biking. My bike is a pretty nice one by my standards. I bought it from a yard sale last summer for $15, it's green, and everything works. But kids will be kids, right?

Then as I bike away, I hear the same one shout, "You need a better booty, too!"

I'm not going to write here what I shouted back to him in response. I'm not proud of it. That kind of rash behavior towards rude children is one of the many reasons that I'm not ready to have them myself yet.

If you know me, you know now that I am pretty darn sensative about my butt. It's big. Probably out of the 50 pounds that I've lost, only 7 of them came off of my butt, so with my now much smaller waist, it looks even bigger now. (I know, cry me a river, right, complaining about my smaller waist! I'm not, I really love my waist!!) Anyway, the point is, my big butt is a sore subject for me.

Kids used to tease me about it all the time when I was a teenager. So those memories came flooding back to me when that evil neighborhood kid was rude enough to make that comment.

I just thought that my days of being bullied by children were over, since I myself haven't been a child for 8 years now. But I guess that I was wrong.

So a warning to my readers: Kids can be really mean. Kids can be bullies. Even to adults.


Anonymous said...

That is so awful. And you just have to wonder what their parents are teaching them at home. As a teacher I have seen and heard it all (almost).

Lisa said...

Hey when that little boy gets older he's going to love a girl with a booty! But it is amazing to me how mean kids are these days... And it amazes even more that parents don't do anything about it.

Diet Chic said...

omigosh.. that's awful! kids can be really insensitive sometimes. you keep up the good work! :)

Lindsey said...

Kids are so nasty sometimes! I'm sorry. :( If it's any consolation, I have a huge butt, too, so I feel your pain. Don't worry about them. There may be a group of mean boys out there, but you have a group of 50 friends supporting you here!

Katy said...

Sometimes it helps me with middle school and high school kids is to think about how their brains are not fully developed. :) They say mean things and do mean things and they don't even think about it. It's so frustrating!

You are rockin' it though, Leah! You are a rockstar! :)

Amanda said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about your night. That is just awful. I've had a similar experience. It was a few years ago on a field trip with my daughter. I was on the bus and we were getting back to the school and this rude kid (approx 8) says to me that I need to exercise because I'm big. I was probably 180 at the time and it was winter so I had a hoodie on and a big jacket. I was so hurt by that. I never wanted to go on another field trip again for her class. Sad. :(

Kids are so mean.

melissa said...

that's horrible.