Friday, October 8, 2010

No Guilt about my birthday eating...

...because I did pretty well. :-)

My family and I ate at Whole Foods last night (Dad, Mom, cousin, and boyfriend) and everyone agreed to eat vegan in honor of my birthday. We ate from the buffet and the salad bar, and it was a very nice experience.

Things that I especially enjoyed: chicken-fried tofu, onion-pepper squash, soy nugget stir-fry, potatoes and leeks.

Oh, and the dessert. The WF in Memphis doesn't carry vegan birthday cakes, so I got a dozen vegan chocolate chip cookies and brought in my own frosting. For dessert, I made everyone there cookie-cakes, with a thick layer of frosting between two cookies. Yum!

All in all, I guesstimate that what I consumed added up to 35 points. I am not sure if that is accurate or not. I guessed 15 for the food, 15 for the cookies, and 5 for the frosting. I used the last of my WPA plus about 15 AP. Again, this is just guessing.

I'm hoping that I overestimated, and actually ate less than what I guessed. But, if not, I had the APs for it, and should still (in theory) be able to get a loss this week.

Lots of people on the message boards say that if they eat their APs, they don't lose. But I think that for me, I will. :-)

No guilt. The food was amazing, I still got in an hour on the Nordic Track, and enjoyed every bite of dinner and dessert.

Today will be a 23 points day with lots of water and exercise.

Tomorrow is the last weigh-in before my trip to NYC.

Wish me luck!


Lindsey said...

Congrats on doing so well! Glad you had a great birthday. :)

melissa said...

awesome! sounds like you had a fun time :) have a great trip!