Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some vacation photos!

This is me right outside of the Met, the best museum I've ever been to. When I move to NYC, I will become a member so that I can go there as often as possible! Without having to say, "Yes, I'd like to pay nothing, or a LOT less than the recommended $20 a person..." which is embarassing, even though it is allowed (and supposedly encouraged, the reason they have that option is so that no one is left out of seeing the art.

This is one of only two full body shots that I have of me on vacation. So this is what I look like at around 168 pounds in NYC. :-)

Here I am playing with the marionette that my brother got me for a birthday present. You may not get it, but this is a perfect present from my brother. Amazing.

Kind of a strange angle, but I think that I look pretty good. Especially since this was taken after a day of traveling.

This is a cute shot of me and Stacey, my boyfriend. He had so much fun in the city! He officially wants to move there with me some day, so I guess that he passed the test. Yay!

I will close with a picture of my brother Joel and me! This was right after the real reason of the visit, a reading of his new show. (He's a musical theatre writer, see his link to the right

My vacation was amazing. I hate to be back to life and reality, but it's necessary. I have a lot to do before I go back to NYC to live. The memories that I have from this trip are amazing. I can't wait to see Joel and the city again! :-)

How did my vacay game plan go? Well... I did NOT track for most of the time, and I had one day with a lot of indulgences (belated b-day celebration with lots of vegan restaraunts). But I made really wise food decisions most of the time, and exercised almost every day.

And now I'm back to tracking religiously. So we'll see how the scale will respond this Saturday. I'm hoping for a loss! But time will tell...


Lindsey said...

Ahhh, isn't New York the BEST?! I know what you mean about the Met - It's fantastic that they allow people to go for the sake of experiencing art. You look absolutely beautiful in your pics, and I think you're doing an incredible job of staying healthy, keeping the weight down, while not letting it ruin any of your experiences. :) SO happy for you!!! PS - You and the bf make a great pair!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I want to visit NY so bad.

You look great in your pics!

Diet Chic said...
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Diet Chic said...

wow.. this looks like so much fun.. I love NYC and tried the moving experience too but I missed California too much and moved back (ok my husband, at the time fiance, didn´t go with me so that def played a role in this) Nonetheless, you´re gonna have sooo much fun. and You look great in all your photos. Keep up the great work