Friday, May 6, 2011

52 Days Till Summer Challenge!

A couple of days ago, I joined the "52 Days Till Summer Challenge" on Dancing Through Life, which is a great blog that I follow.  If you don't read that blog and you love Weight Watchers blogs, I highly recommend taking a looksie! Ashley is an amazing blogger.  :-)

It's a great blog!

If you click on the link, you can read all about the challenge!  However, for those of you who would rather just read about it right here, I'll copy and paste some of the post, plus give a basic summary for you.

It's just a weight loss/getting healthy challenge to motivate people to JUST DO IT.  Especially people who have either A) fallen off the wagon or B) lost some motivation lately. 

I fall between these categories, because lately I've been a bit off-plan with the Simply Filling Technique (re: I haven't been listening to my hunger signals AT ALL) and I am getting demotivated with how long these last pounds are taking to come off.

Here was the first challenge of the challenge, which was due today:

"To recap this week’s challenge:

1. Develop your list of reasons and commitments. Print it off and put it somewhere where you can see it every day. In your wallet. At your desk. In the space next to your bedroom door. Just post it and read them every day. And start working towards them!

2. Get moving! Give yourself a sticker every day you work out.

3. Sign up! Leave me a comment so I know you’re doing this with me "

I'm excited about this challenge because it came at such a great time for me!  I really needed some extra "oomph" from someone, and Ashley gave it to me.  :-) 

Ashley asked today:
"How was your week? How did you find the challenge? Did you come up with some compelling reasons that truly resonate with you? What are your commitments? How did you begin to work them into your life?"
Here was my response:

My reasons:

1) health! Time to be the healthiest I've ever been; if not now, then when?

2) my goal jeans. Yep, I have a pair of goal jeans, size 10s that I have dreamt of fitting back into since I started this WLJ as a size 20. I'm almost into a 12 now;  I'm making real progress with this one!

3) NYC skinny. This one is definately the most vain goal I have, but I'm planning to be a New Yorker within the next few years, and I want to be one of the skinny and beautiful ones. (size 10 skinny, not size 0 skinny)

These all resonate equally with me, and are at the forefront of my mind every time I make a healthy or less than healthy decision.


1) Stick to the Power Foods as much as I can! (I'm on the SFT, so this one is getting easier)

2) Don't eat junk food just because I can. Only eat it if it's what I REALLY WANT

3) Exercise 6 days a week, increase the time now that school's out for the summer

I don't think it's too late to join in on the challenge!  I'll be updating my progress on Fridays, since that's when Ashley is going to be doing the challenge check-ins.  Woo-hoo for my first blog challenge from another blog!!! 


LabelSnob said...

Good luck Leah! I'm going to head over to Ashley's blog and check it out!
Thanks for sharing!

Ash said...

I love this!!
Sounds like you've got some great reasons and I'm glad the challenge has been a good kick in the pants for you. Definitely never too late for people to join :)
Looking forward to hearing about your progress over the course of the challenge!

Lindsey said...

SO proud of you, Leah. You can do it!!!