Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sharing my Journal, Day 7

Okay, this will be the last installment of this for awhile!  I will share my journal again in the future for a couple of reasons:  1) If I feel I'm getting off-track with Weight Watchers and need the extra accountability that comes with sharing my journal, or 2) by request of my readers.  If you guys are ever curious about what I'm eating or how much I'm exercising, just ask, and I'll share my journal again for a few days! 

Here's yesterday's food and exercise journal.

Food and Exercise Journal, May 16
time- food (PointsPlus)

8:00am- oatmeal (P), soy milk (P), banana (P)

12:30pm- (random leftovers all mixed together!)cous-cous (P), kidney beans (P), refried beans (P), green beans (P), evoo (P), tomatoes (P)

5:00pm- canned NSA mixed fruit (P)

8:30pm- 1 hour walk/run intervals on treadmill (+7)

9:30pm- brown rice (P), black beans (P), tomatoes (P), evoo (P)

10:30pm- 2 sandwich thins (P), refried beans (P), wasa crackers (2)

PointsPlus Summary:
WP used: 0/49 (0 remain)
AP earned: 7
AP used: 2/50 (26 remain)

GHG Summary:
Fruits/Veggies- CHECK!
Healthy Oils- CHECK!
Lean Protein- CHECK!
Whole Grains- CHECK!
Activity- CHECK!
Sugar/Alcohol- CHECK!
Vitamins- NOPE!
Liquids- CHECK!

Lessons Learned:
I was STARVING by 9:30 last night.  I hadn't eaten a proper meal in 9 hours.  I was busy right after work, and then I figured that I should exercise before eating, otherwise I wouldn't exercise... and while that was a good thought, my workout just wasn't that great because I had little energy, and I ended up eating an extra 300 or so calories (bread, crackers, beans) that I probably wouldn't have had I just eaten dinner instead of exercising.  Lesson learned, for sure.

Today's Plan:
breakfast: oatmeal, banana, soy milk
lunch: boca burgers, steamed veggies, evoo
dinner: brown rice, black beans, tomatoes, evoo
snacks: shredded wheat w/ soy milk, fruit, veggies
exercise: The Firm Weight Loss System DVD

P.S. Please keep my parents' dog Dot in your thoughts and/or prayers!  She is undergoing treatment for heartworms.  Yes, she was on preventive medicine, so I guess that stuff isn't foolproof.  Make sure to get your dogs tested for heartworms regularly, even if they are on medication to prevent it.  Poor Dottie.  The doctors say that because of her regular checkups, it was caught very early and we have every reason to believe that she'll be okay.

Dot, my little sister


Amanda said...

Poor little pup. I hope she is okay and the vet gets everything under control. Keep us posted.

Leanne said...

What a cutie pie! I hope Dot will be ok! Sending good vibes and prayers your way!

LabelSnob said...

Oh poor Dot!!!! I will say a prayer. I hope she gets better really quick!