Monday, May 2, 2011

Get to Goal in 2011! Update.

Just wanted to do an update on how my big challenge of 2011 is going so far. 

Weight loss has been s-l-o-w in 2011.  It's weird to me that I haven't even really noticed this until now.  I've lost 11.1 pounds in 2011 so far.  And I'm thrilled about it!
Two years ago, I would have been upset that it's taking "this long" to get to my goal weight.  Now, almost two years into my weight loss journey/diet/lifestyle change/what-have-you, I see things so much more clearly. 

I am 100% committed to getting to my goal weight and staying there forever (well, child-bearing and menopause aside).  I no longer see my goal weight as "the end" of my "diet".  I am doing what I have to do to get this weight off, and keep it off.

On January 1, 2011, I had 22.6 pounds left to lose.  Now I only have 11.5 left to lose.  I am 1 and a half pounds away from being able to say this sentence:  "I've lost 75 pounds!!!"  And that will be so cool to say.  :-)  Today, I can say something nearly equally as cool-sounding:  "I've lost 73 and a half pounds!"

As of now, I'm aiming to lose .6 a week as a flexible goal that will get me down to my goal weight of 135 by my birthday on October 7.  I lost .3 last week, which is amazing considering how much overeating I did. 

Just wanted to update you all on how my challenge is going!

FYI:  I added labels to all of my blog entries!  Finally.  :-)  Now it's easy to find certain entries if you need or want to.  Doing this also was a great way to check in with myself and see how things are going with this blog.  I definately haven't blogged about The Kind Diet in way too long.  Also, I think it's almost time to do another 5-7 days of "sharing my journal" for you guys.  It will help me to get back on track, too. 

For now, stay tuned for Tasty Tuesday tomorrow night!


Megan said...

You're doing so great Leah!

LabelSnob said...

WOW! You have come a long way in 2011! I haven't kept any pounds off :(
You are SO going to hit your goal weight!