Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sharing My Journal, Day 4

Food and Exercise Journal, May 13
time- food (PointsPlus)

6:30am- The Firm Wave DVD (+7)

8:00am- oatmeal (P), almond milk (LP), banana (P)

12:30pm- cous-cous (P), kidney beans (P), green beans (P), evoo (P), tomatoes (P), NSA applesauce (P)

6:00pm- Lara Bar (6)

7:30pm- Veggie Sub from Lenny's Sub with a baggie of baked chips (12? Not really sure...)

Lenny's downtown Memphis = best service EVER.
Well folks, this morning I woke up and weighed in... and was down another pound!!! This brings my total weight loss up to 75 pounds!!!  Meaning: Time for an updated progress picture.  Stay tuned for another set of pictures of me in a pink sports bra and size 20 jeans (holding them up).  After this set, there is only one set left:  GOAL WEIGHT.  :-)


Sweet Pea said...

How awesome are you ?! 75 lbs...can I friend you on FB ??

Cyn said...

Congrats on hitting 75lbs GONEZERS!!!

Andrea said...

Way to go Leah! You are such an inspiration. I love that you share your food journal.