Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My thoughts on the whole Ginnifer Goodwin thing...

Ginnifer Goodwin - former vegan

In case you're not as obsessed with celebrity vegans as I am and haven't heard:  Ginnifer Goodwin is no longer vegan.  About two years ago, she "came out" as a vegan and did several interviews on the subject.

She inspired me in so many ways!  First, I loved her for being a great actress in two of my guilty pleasures, "Big Love" and "He's Just Not That Into You". 

When I found out that she was vegan, I was floored!  Also, she wasn't just vegan, she was a vegan Weight Watcher!  YAY!  Finally a celebrity that I could relate to. 

Also, I based my haircut on her short hair.  Mostly because we both have heart-shaped faces and I was convinced that if Ginnifer could pull it off, so could I!

Anyway, I love Ginnifer Goodwin.

Does her recent "confession" of giving up on veganism take away from that love?

I'm not gonna lie...  I am disappointed.  But not disappointed in Ginnifer. 

I'm disappointed that the media is reporting on it in the first place!  And the articles all say that the reason she dropped veganism is "health reasons". 

She didn't elaborate.  And she shouldn't have to; diets are very personal things (unless you have a diet blog!).

My concern is that people will read these articles and assume that because veganism wasn't healthy for Ginnifer it's not healthy for anyone.  Dragging veganism as a healthy dietary choice through the mud... again.

And I hate that!

So my feelings on Ginnifer Goodwin no longer being a vegan: Whatever.  I don't care.  Ginnifer is now only a role model for me with her hair, and that's okay. :-)

My feelings on the publicity of her quote "for health reasons": It sucks.  Veganism CAN be very healthy!

I wrote my research paper about how veganism can be just as adequate in nutrition as a non-vegan one. Is anyone interested in reading my paper? I can do a series of posts sharing it, if you like.


Andrea said...

Share! Please!

Mariebop said...

I agree. I wonder if the media will make a big deal if J Hud stopped doing WW for "health reasons" :P Definitely share that paper!

Shelleigh said...

Maybe Ginnifer Goodwin is pregnant and changing up her diet? Similar to what Natalie Portman did...

Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

Andrea- Will do! Probably a series of posts, since it's 8 pages long.

Marie- That would be crazy! But since she's a spokesperson, I'm sure that she is not allowed to ever say anything bad about WW ever. ;-)

Shelleigh- OMG, I didn't even think about that! Ginnifer will make a really cute baby, too.

Rae Jeannine said...

Leah, I would love to read your paper. I was wondering if it was because she is pregnant also (even though vegans can stay vegan while pregnant).

Jes said...

I also got my hair cut like her's after seeing her on the cover of VegNews last year :( Still keeping the haircut! Rock it!

I was disappointed, too. Haven't watched "the video" yet but will soon. And making her family revert just because she did? That's a bummer, to boot!

jlud said...

I don't think it's the fact that she stopped being vegan that peeves people...it's that she openly mocked giggled her way through talking about eating eggs, making bacon meatloaf etc....