Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why am I jealous of the fad dieters?

Lately, I have found myself jealous of people who are on a diet.  By "diet", I mean a fad diet.  By "fad diet", I mean a diet that asks its participants to believe that there are good foods and bad foods, and that you should NEVER eat the bad foods.  Or a diet that at first you have to eliminate the "bad" foods, only to start slowly adding them back in once you've lost all of the weight.

Diets that I'm jealous of:
The Dukan Diet (I actually almost bought this one!)
The 17 Day Diet
Fat Smash Diet

I'm most jealous of people who are on the Dukan Diet.  It sounds like such a crazy fad diet!  It's simular to The South Beach Diet in that it has 4 phases.  It's simular to Atkins in that it asks the dieter to completely eliminate carbs, even if only for a short while.  It's simular to Weight Watchers only in its last phase, which is "everything in moderation" plus one Atkins-y day a week.

If you want to read about it more, just Google or Bing.  There's tons out there.

Weight Watchers is better.  100% better.  Weight Watchers is an "everything in moderation" diet, which is what I think most people really crave.  Weight Watchers encourages healthy carbs, but allow the dieter to choose unhealthy carbs in moderation, too. 

So why am I jealous of the fad dieters?

Because I know that I'll never "need" to go on another diet as long as I live.  I know that all of that is part of my past now.  I know that Weight Watchers is how I'll eat forever.  And letting go of something that has been such a big part of my life, even something as unhealthy as fad dieting, is a little sad.

The fad dieters don't get it yet.  And I didn't used to get it, either.  And a part of me wishes that I could be wooed by the promises that the Dukan Diet gives me (never be hungry again!  Get to your true weight by June 5!).  And to be honest:  I almost was.

Weight Watchers (everything in moderation) works.  No need for fads.

disclaimer: All diets, including fad diets, DO WORK if the dieter is willing to stay on the diet forever.  Some people consider Weight Watchers to be a fad diet, too.  This post is not to demean any diet;  Do what works for you!  :-)


LabelSnob said...

That's why I love WW so much because it allows ALL foods (in moderation). I just need to get in my head the moderation part! hehe :)
My friend did the cabbage soup diet for 7 days. She lost 7 pounds but she was miserable those 7 days and guess what within 1 week (no joke) she gained it all back! Those 7 miserable days were a waste! You can't maintain weight loss that way! As soon as you go back to "normal" eating you gain it back!
Great post!

ihearteggs said...

I think that's thre great thing about WW, it's a lifestyle change, and etaches you moderation, not some crazy fad. MY mom had the 17 day diet book laying around last time I was home and it scared me reading it knowing that a few years ago I'd be pouring over it, ready to start bright and early the next day.

bethsjourney.com said...

I totally relate to this post, Leah! I also MISS losing weight as fast as you do on a fad diet. It's unfortunate that WW is so slow, but that's why its a lifestyle change, and not a diet.

Jennifer said...

your comment on mine was lost in the whole blogger mess of late. :( Feel free to re-comment! So far only two entries in the little contest (including you! hahaha)