Sunday, April 17, 2011

Exciting (local) Vegan news!

Finally, Memphis is going vegan.  Well... at least it's about to become much more vegan-friendly! 

There are two new restaraunts scheduled to open in Memphis this month.  And both are - wait for it - entirely vegan!!!

I can't wait to try both of these places out and report back here with reviews.  There are a couple of other places in Memphis that are vegan-friendly:  Whole Foods Market and Muddy's Bake Shop.

Click on the above logo to see their web site!  They are not purely vegan, but they make vegan deserts as well as non-vegan ones.  I can't believe that I only recently discovered these guys.  Every couple of weeks, I have been going there and getting either a slice of cake or two cupcakes.  YUM!!!  Weight Watchers Points Plus, I have to estimate.  I usually consider my treat to be 10 Points Plus, but I may be wrong.  *shrug* At least I track it!  :-)

Again, click on the above logo to see the website!  This is the first vegan place that is coming to Memphis.  It's called Cosmic Coconut, and it's a juice bar and cafe.  It sounds like a very healthy place to eat!  I'm excited about it.  The next place sounds not so healthy but ridiculously delicious...

Imagine Vegan Cafe sounds sooooooooo delicious.  But not really nutritious... ;-)  Their menu has pretty much nothing but vegan comfort food.  Foods that vegans have probably (undoubtedly) missed eating out since going vegan, especially in the South.  Things like:  BBQ Memphis Style "pulled pork" sandwich, "fried chicken" drumsticks, corndogs, pizza, milkshakes, etc. 

Yes, EVIL.  But very exciting!  I will be splurging here as soon as it opens! 

So Memphis is becoming the place to live for vegans.  Well, I wouldn't say that, but it's definately getting closer!  I'm so excited for all of this good local vegan news.

Now, you want to come visit me, don't you?  :-)  Well, come on down!

P.S.  I gained 1.6 this week.  *sigh*  Nothing that I didn't expect!  Too much overeating and not enough tracking.  I've already moved on and am tracking again, so expecting to lose this (plus more!) soon.  13 pounds until GOAL!!! 

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