Thursday, April 7, 2011

Neve Campbell's Healthy Outlook (and smokin' bod)

Good morning! This morning was a great workout for me. I did 40 minutes on the Nordic Track skiier!!! What a rush, I hadn't been on that thing in a couple of weeks. That's one great thing about switching up my workouts: Everything becomes a challenge. Since I hadn't done the NT for a bit, my muscles weren't used to it anymore, and it was very challenging again! I don't know if that's actually a positive thing, but I have to assume that it is, because I think that my body had grown so used to it, with my doing it daily. Now, my body was CRAVING the Nordic Track. I woke up ready to go! While I skiied my worries away, I watched Ellen. I love that she's on at 6, it really makes my Nordic Track workout fly by. :-) Her last guest this morning was Neve Campbell. Now, I'm not going to lie: I haven't really thought about Neve Campbell in awhile. She's been out of the spotlight for me. I am one of the biggest Scream fans that you are ever likely to meet (I'm only half-joking when I tell people that I'm considering wearing my Scream mask to the Scream 4 premiere...) and so I do have a giant soft spot in my heart for Neve (and for everyone in the original Scream movie for that matter.). When Neve came on camera today, the first thing I thought was, "Wow, she looks so great!" And I was talking about her BODY, as well as her face (she hasn't aged. Seriously, no aging whatsoever. I'm like 8 years younger than her and look older. But that's okay... I guess.) Anyway, apparently there has been controversy about her body. She was spotted in this bikini last year, and the headlines read things like: Neve no longer a "Wild Thing" and just basically told people that Neve was entering Plus Size territory! Um.... Do you see a plus size person in this picture? I sure don't! I think that she looks great in this candid bikini shot. Not many people can look this great in a candid bikini shot, don't you agree? ;-) I just had to write about this, because she amazed me on Ellen today. She said that she disagreed with the comments, that she is NOT going to lose weight, that she looks great and is healthy. She mentioned that she likes to eat, and that she goes to the gym 5 times a week. Also, Ellen and her spoke about how horrible it is that young girls will read articles like this, calling pictures like this one (above) FAT.
Role model of the day: Neve Campbell
Of course, there was some advertising on the show- Neve is the cover girl of Health Magazine this month, and now I really want to go out and buy this. *pictures found on page one of BING results for "Neve Campbell bikini" and "Neve Campbell on Health Magazine"*

So, what do you think? Do you agree with the media, that Neve Campbell has "put on a few" and "needs to lose it to stay in the game"? Or are you on my side, and think that she looks thin and healthy?


Mariebop said...

GASP!! Not an actress that looks like a normal human being!! NOOOOO!!! :P I think she looks healthy. I love actresses that aren't stick thin. Selma Hayek is probably one of my favorties.. All curvy and sexy.

Megan said...

I love that another celebrity looks "normal". She's not stick skinny, which is awesome. It's terrible that young girls are brain washed to think that someone who looks like this isn't as fit as she should be.

Sweet Pea said...

I think she looks AMAZING !!! We need good role models not those sickly looking girls.

Lindsey said...

The media is so frustrating, and the people tearing her apart are probably bigger than she is! She looks stunning - Her stomach is flat, it's just not ripped. Good for her for looking beautiful and healthy, not emmaciated and sickly.

melissa said...

i watched this episode today too. she looks fantastic!!! screw the media.

Emily said...

I love the way she looks.

I did want to comment on the cover of that Health magazine, though.

FOUR of the cover articles mentioned are about the way you LOOK! (Tone every bulge! Walk off 10 pounds! Eat your way slim! Look amazing!)

Since when did health become solely about the way you look?

I cannot stand these magazines.

Leah said...

and did you notice that "outsmart cancer" was on there, too, but the print is so tiny compared to "tone every budge"? Where are our priorities?