Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello, Weight Watchers. I've missed you!

Okay, with all of the back-and-forth that I've been doing lately, I won't be surprised if you don't believe me when I say this:

I'm recommitting to Weight Watchers! 

I've decided to follow the plan as written (hmmm, sound familiar?  It should, because it's the number one tip in my "Tips for Weight Watchers"!  Time to start listening to myself, yes?). 

I'm committing to follow the Simply Filling Technique as I lose these last few pounds and well into maintenance. 

Something has just clicked in my head.  I'm not ready to stop tracking on  I'm simply not ready.

I tried it.  Sparkpeople was awesome, but for whatever reason, I was not holding myself accountable tracking on there.  I overate three times this week, one time being and actual binge. 

Many of my friends have helped me to see the reasons.  One person let me know that it is most likely complacency on my part.  I'm almost to the weight loss "finish line" and so I feel as if I shouldn't have to work as hard.  WRONG.  I have to work just as hard to lose the last 12 as I did to lose the first 12.

One friend said: 

You are one pound from getting your 75 pound star! 

For those of you who have never done Weight Watchers Online, the stars are rewarded to members on their home pages of at significant weight loss milestones.  You get a new star for every 5 pounds, plus special ones at 10%, 25 pounds, 50 pounds, 75 pounds, 100 pounds, GOAL weight, etc.  I only have two more big starts to get: 75 pounds and GOAL!!! 

WOW, did that shock me!  I hadn't even thought of that yet.  I mean, I knew that I was heading towards the "only 10 pounds left to lose" mark, and I knew that my ultimate goal is to lose 85 pounds, but I hadn't put 2 and 2 together yet.  :-)  Well, now I have.

Any damage that I may have done this week with my crazed overeating will be minimal compared to what it could have been had I not stopped it now.  Three days of overeating?  A blip in the radar.  No big deal.

Back on track, and feeling amazing!

Stacey (boyfriend) says something every time that one of his sports teams almost gets to the finals, only to get eliminated right before: 

"They were looking forward to the next game. 
They forgot that they had to win this game first!"

I believe that is exactly what I had started to do with my weight loss journey.  I was looking ahead, looking for how the heck I was going to maintain this weight loss, but I forgot that I have to win this game, er, lose 12 more pounds, first.  :-)

So that's what I'm doing!  Focusing on losing the last 12 (maybe 13 now... depending on if I gained this week!) pounds.  One pound at a time.


Katie said...

Yay! This sounds like a good decision!!! Wow, I can't believe how close you are to hitting that 75 pound mark. That's amazing!

Rae said...

Sounds like a good decision. Wow, almost to 75 pounds. That is awesome, best of luck with the last few pounds!

Megan said...

It's kind of amazing how all of us - and by us I mean us WW girls who all follow each others blogs and comment every day - are having a problem with falling off the bandwagon recently. But you have it under control and you can do it girlie!!!

Leanne said...

You are seriously what keeps me going through all of this! If you can do it, I can do it. I have a bit more than you to get to goal (like 50lbs more) but I am trying to take it in baby steps. Your boyfriend is 100% right, you have to win this game first. Love it!

Jennifer said...

1 pound at a time... amen! You're gonna rock those last 12 pounds!

Amanda said...

75 lbs is an amazing accomplishment. I know you will reach it real soon. Only you know what is best for you so if you feel like coming back to WW and tracking is going to get you to goal then do it. I'm scared to death to leave the 'plan' because in the past I've always gained my weight back. I'll be counting for life. :)

LabelSnob said...

Great decision and I love what Stacey says about his sports teams! You have to focus on todays journey!
I have gotton bad lately about tracking but I try to take it day by day and not get too discouraged!
You're doing great!!!