Monday, April 11, 2011


I've decided to start focusing on the measuring tape and in how clothes fit more than I focus on the scale.

I took my measurements on March 5 (around the time that I started switching up my workouts and adding in The Wave on a regular basis), and then again on April 9. I am pretty pleased with the results so far! I also decided to take monthly progress pictures to post on here.

In these pictures, I'll be wearing a sports bra and a size medium running shorts. These shorts are currently too small, so please don't be too mean about the muffin top! I know it's there. I just thought that this would be a great way to watch as I slowly begin to fit into these shorts again. :-) So in about a month, I'll be taking another photo and comparing it to this one.

Here are my measurements results (in inches):

March 5, 2011

neck- 12.5

upper arm (left)- 12

lower arm (left)- 9

bust (widest part)- 37.5

waist (smallest part)- 30

waist (largest part)- 37

hips (largest part/butt)- 43

thigh (largest part/right)- 24

calf (largest part/left)- 14

April 9, 2011

neck- 12.5 (I think that I may leave this one out from now on, I don't see my neck getting smaller!)

upper arm (left)- 11 (down 1 inch!!!)

lower arm- 9 (same story as neck....)

bust (widest part)- 37 (down half inch!!!)

waist (smallest part)- 30

waist (largest part)- 37

hips (largest part/butt)- 42.5 (down half inch!!!)

thigh (largest part/right)- 23 (down one inch!!!)

calf (largest part/left)- 15 (up one inch! But I think it's muscle, so I'm happy with it!)

Total lost: 2 inches!!! Woo-hoo!!! These are the end result of my first vegan cupcake baking! These are the "Cookies and Cream" cupcakes from "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World". I had to leave you with a fun picture! This is something awesome that I discovered about my haircut! After a sweaty workout, the grease in my hair can make my hair form a mohawk!


Leanne said...

Love the mohawk, lady! You look FANTASTIC in those shorts, don't sell yourself short. Be proud of your accomplishments, you have come so far. P.S. Those cupcakes look AMAZING!!!

Rae said...

lol on the mohawk, that is awesome. Also, you are doing fantastic. Great job on the measurements, switching it up is definately a good thing. I am trying to do the same thing with my workouts as well. BTW, your cupcakes look awesome too.

Amanda said...


You look AMAZING!!! You are so darn tiny. I am amazed by you daily. I just can't believe how small you have gotten and how great you look. It seems like it happened overnight but I know you'd probably disagree with me on that.

I'm so proud of you!!

Megan said...

Great job Leah, you look fantastic!!! And I love the mohawk, looks awesome!

You're an inspiration for all!

LabelSnob said...

LOVE the mohawk!!!
Great job on losing 2 inches!!! I love using measurements to determine weight loss! It's so much more accurate than the scale. You know how unforgiving the scale can be when us girls hold on to "water weight" or when it's that TOM and we're PMSing!!! I'm always trying to not be a "slave to the scale" but it's hard!
Keep doing what you're doing-you're lookin' GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you have an awesome blog!! I'm old enough to call you 'daughter' (LOL!!) but am 'younger' than you in this vegan life. Found you in another blog's sidebar...and am glad I did!!

Jennifer said...

You're amazing. And brave!

Lately I've been regretting not taking "before" pictures of myself back in September. I have been tracking measurements, though! :)