Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm back, baby!

I'm so happy with my dieting situation right now.  I think that I needed that wakeup call last week.

Thank you to everyone who read my last post and commented!  You ladies seriously rock my world, and your supportive comments really helped me get through that craziness.


Life is one big ball of stress right now, so I will make this post short and sweet so that I can get back to said stress.  The biggest stressor = finals are coming.  My first final is tonight!!! At 5:30 central time, if you want to send positive thoughts/energy/prayers my way.  Whatever you got, I'll take! 

Anyway, after reflecting A LOT about why I was starting to hear my old ED-voice again, I realized that it really was about control.  I felt completely out of control in my life, and food and exercise were two things that I can definately control.  But, luckily, I DID NOT listen to that voice.  I caught myself in time, and have continued my healthy eating.

One good thing to come out of that mess:  I am fully embracing Weight Watchers.  Once again, I am committed to tracking my food and exercise on, and to follow the principles of the Simply Filling Technique.  I briefly considered going back to counting Points Plus full time, but decided that the SFT works so well for me mentally, that I will just stick with that.

I have decided that I may never be able to be an intuitive eater.  As someone with a history of eating disorders, that may not be a realistic goal.  I may need to track my food in some way forever.  *gulp*

Just saying that out loud has actually been a relief for me.  No more big IE goal for me, looming just out of my reach.  I can embrace intuitive eating within the borders of Weight Watchers with the SFT. 

Another reason that I know for sure that my eating disorder hasn't resurfaced:  I answered a poll on the 20's board this morning about the Points Plus program, and how much weight I have lost since starting it.

I looked back in my Weight Tracker, because I really had no clue.  Turns out I've lost 13.4 pounds in the 21 weeks of Points Plus.  And that seems like a great rate of loss for someone so close to goal!  If I continue to lose at that rate (about .6 pound a week), I will be at my goal weight of 135 by my birthday in October. Perfect.  But, I'm not going to obsess about that number.  Instead, I'm going to just focus on the SFT and on my exercise schedule, and get to my goal weight whenever my body is ready for it.  One day at a time.

P.S.  I lost 1.2 this week!!!  Only .4 away from where I was before the gain a couple of weeks ago.  More proof that it's so much easier to gain weight than it is to lose it. 


Amanda said...

You are doing a great job Leah. You look amazing! I know you'll reach your goal. You are such an inspiration to all of us. :)

Cyn said...

You so obviously have your head in the right place (even when you think you don't)!
You are such an inspiration and I have no doubt you will reach all your goals!

Def sending some SUPER DUPER energy your way tonight for that final!


Thin Lizzy said...

you will love Angela's post today @ OSG.

Lindsey said...

So proud of you!!! Keep up the love! :)