Monday, April 4, 2011

Goal weight reset again!

I've changed my goal weight back to 135. No rush to get there. And I may change my mind again... But I'm happy with this decision, and look forward to fitting into my skinny jeans by my birthday! (Okay, that may be a rush... 12.8 pounds by October 7th? I think it's reasonable.) Time will tell... I've also started a new "plan" for myself. I track on SparkPeople, and stick to their guidelines through the work/school week. Then on Saturday, I don't track, but try to make mostly healthy decisions and listen to my hunger signals, allowing myself a few "treats" like Amy's pizza and/or a vegan cupcake. ;-) On Sunday, I track, but only pay attention to calories, not the other macronutrients that SP wants me to look at (fat and protein). I've already stopped counting carbs, I love that SP lets me choose which nutrients to track! The carb goal was just unrealistic for me. As a vegan, even a healthy-eating vegan, I just cannot count carbs! My diet is at least 60% carbs most days. And I'm fine with that, since almost every single carb I eat is a complex/healthy carb. Exercise plan: Switch it up!!! I'm sticking to this, and loving it. This week's plan is so awesome. I've realized even more lately how much I love to exercise. I finally understand the women who have said for years, "Exercise is my 'me' time." It really is! When I'm exercising, I don't worry about either work or school. All that's on my mind is health and happiness. :-) Anyway, that's my plan for now, and it's simple, healthy, and once again: Everything in moderation. Ahhhh, I love the freedom of creating my own diet and exercise plan. Sparkpeople tells me that I will be at my goal weight by August 1. Since I'm kind of doing my own thing on the weekends, I have no clue whether or not this will be true for me! But that would be AWESOME with all caps. For now, I'm setting my goal for my birthday, October 7. Calendar goals aren't motivating for everyone, but they really work for me. (Remember "Lose 50 in 2010"? Loved it!) I hope that all of you are having fabulous Mondays! (oxymoron??) Sorry for the lack of paragraphs, I don't know why blogger does this to me sometimes!!!


Leanne said...

You are doing so well, I know you can make your ultimate goal by your birthday! :-)

Amanda said...

I know you can get to 135. You should have no problem meeting that goal!