Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exercise getting boring???

This morning, my Nordic Track workout was... blah.

Usually, I've been able to enjoy my workouts. I think that the reason that I've always been able to enjoy my cardio workouts is (embarasingly enough) TV. There is not much I enjoy more than watching a kick-butt episode of Charmed, Buffy, or the Young and the Restless while sweating up a storm doing some cardio. I know that I'm cool; you don't have to tell me! ;-)

...I recently moved the Nordic Track out of the living room because it was such an eyesore for me. Stacey always said that he didn't mind it, and I had pretty much gotten used to it, but I hated how ugly it looked right in the middle of the floor.

So, as soon as we got a cable box in the spare bedroom, we (okay, Stacey) moved the Nordic Track into there. I figured that with cable, I could find something cool to watch all the time (after living without cable for years, I just had that fantasy...).
Turns out, I don't like doing cardio during commercials. I get BORED. I start thinking thoughts like, "How many mintues do I have left?" which is just not cool.
I'm supposed to go get an exercise bike soon, that will replace the NT as the new living room eyesore. That way, I'll have something cardio to do in front of the DVR and DVD player.
Another option: Get another DVR box to put in the spare room/gym. But that costs an extra $15 a month, so it's not really an option. I could also buy a 3rd DVD player to go in there, so at least I can watch Buffy and Charmed.
Since going back to school, I've had less time to devote to vegging out. I hardly ever get to just sit around and watch TV anymore. Therefore, I treasure my exercise TV time even more, and would love to use it productively by catching up on Y&R.
Yes, to me, Y&R is not an option, I must always watch every episode aired. So, since I'm going to watch it anyway, why not do it in the mornings while on the Nordic Track??
... I don't know if I had a point with this blog entry. I guess my point is that I may be moving the NT back into the living room, just so that I can watch DVRed episodes of the Young and the Restless.
Is that sad?? I don't think so. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Nah, that's not sad...everyone has their little indulgences, and yours is Y and R!

Did you know there is a real Genoa City, Wisconsin? I used to live in Chicago (well, just north of it), so we were close to the WI border. I was looking at a map one day looking for something else when I noticed it -Genoa City!

One day while on a Sunday drive, I remembered that I'd seen it on the map, so I put it into the GPS, and went there.

Oh boy. It was about 10 farmhouses in the middle of nowhere. No "athletic club", no sign of Victor, no Katherine, no sign of life!

It was a funny experience for me, since I used to watch Y and R myself. I was hoping for at least a road sign acknowledging its link with the soap...nada.

Just thought you might find this interesting :)

(The word verification for this comment? "mentl"...hey, what is blogger trying to say about my visit to Genoa City?)

Leah said...

Debbie, a gigantic "LOL" is deserved in response to your comment! You crack me up.

Also, yes, of course that's interesting to me! I had no idea that Genoa City was real. Sad that there is no athletic club, though.

:-) I wonder how many Y&R fans have driven to Genoa City on a whim?

Jennifer said...