Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!

I started the day off right with a high-intensity workout on the Wave. I find the way my legs look in this picture hilarious!
Next up, a giant bowl of oatmeal made with oats, banana, light soy milk, and a tad of vanilla almond milk. With my morning Diet Cola and lots of water! Once again, this oatmeal was eaten half at 8am, and a bit more around 10:30. Didn't end up eating all of it this time, just wasn't that hungry.

One of the engineers brought me a present: a bunch of fancy cookies from the first class lounge at the airport! The ingredients were all vegan, and it was so tiny that I counted two of them at 1 PointPlus, since I really have no clue.

Lunch started with a Green Monster smoothie made with soy milk, flax seeds, spinach, dandelion greens, kale, a banana, and some unsweetened applesauce.

Hi to Stacey on the couch! Don't mind the crazy glare on his glasses.

I was still a little hungry, so I had some leftovers of barley with black beans and veggies! Mixed a teaspoon of EVOO in there, too.

I packed a baggie of veggies and a sandwich for school. I only ended up eating a few of these, and none of the sandwich. Wasn't hungry for it!

I did enjoy a late afternoon clementine... okay, two. ;-)
No, I wasn't driving when I took this, but yes that is my steering wheel!

This is what I'm eating right now for a late dinner. Some more leftover barley and beans with some toast. 1 tsp of EVOO drizzled on the toast.

Thanks to Megan for the name idea of "Tasty Tuesday". I love it! BTW, if you read my blog and don't read Megan's, that crazy! Hers is way better.

*edited to add: I ate an additional 5 pieces of light wheat bread late last night!!! Note to self: stop buying this for awhile, it's clearly a trigger food for me.


Andrea said...

I love this Tuesday update! A few faves:

- "just wasn't that hungry" Listening to your hunger signals - this is what Simply Filling is all about.
- unsweetened applesauce. An awesome Power Food. I mix it in with oatmeal and almond milk (one of my Power Food tweaks), and top it with berries.
- the EVOO - a GHG many people skip, but has so many benefits.

Great job!

Lindsey said...


Do you work fulltime and go to school afterward? Just curious how that works for you - I'm an EA, too, and I'm dying to get back into school!

Leah said...

I work full time and go to school full time in the evenings. It's a hard life, but I really believe that it will all be worth it one day! You know, when I have a day job that I at least somewhat enjoy (and pays well).