Friday, March 4, 2011

A-Z Survey!

copied from Oh She Glows and others... Please feel free to copy and paste to your blog! I had fun answering these.

A: Age- 26

B: Bed Size- Full/double (it has felt a lot bigger since I lost so much weight! Another benefit of weight loss!!!)

C: Chore you dislike- I have to choose one? I guess... anything to do with getting rid of soap scum and/or mildew.

D: Dogs- growing up: Stuffy (cocka-poo-chi, RIP, best dog ever) and Rose (Jack Russell mix, 13 years old, still going strong and living with my parents!). As an adult: Diva and Jacques (chihuahuas, age 8 and 7, living with my parents permanently now... sad.); Dot (mini pin, age 5, really my parents' dog, but I couldn't leave her out!)

E: Essential start to your day- caffeine, usually in the form of Diet Coke (lately it's been the generic "Big K Diet Cola"). A habit that I would love to eventually break!

F: Favorite color- pink!

G: Gold or silver- white gold or silver looks better with my skin, in decorating I love yellow gold!

H: Height- 5'6''

I: Instruments you play(ed)- piano, clarinet, bassoon, vocal Soprano I

J: Job title- Administrative Assistant by day, Student by night...

K: Kids- none yet, but I want to adopt an older child or two some day. No big desire to do the "baby thing", but people keep saying that my maternal instincts will kick in some day. I'm in my late twenties... not feeling them yet, starting to think it's a myth!

L: Live- Memphis, TN. Dream- NYC

M: Mom's name- Mary Kathleen, goes by Kathy. (hi, Mom!!!)

N: Nicknames- none. When I was 12, there was another Leah in my class and I went by "Lei" for a year. Does that count? I don't think anyone but me even remembers that...

O: Overnight hospital stays- just once, and it was to stay with my mom who was recovering from an illness.

P: Pet peeves- "Aks". It's pronounced like it's spelled, Memphians!!! "Ask."

Q: Quote from a movie- "I'll never let go." -Titanic (it's the first thing that popped into my head)

R: Righty or lefty- righty for writing and using scissors and knives, but lefty in most other ways (untwisting a toothpaste lid, for example).

S: Siblings- one brother, Joel. That's all I need! But I bugged Mom and Dad to have another baby until I was at least 15. I wanted a baby sister! :-)

T: Time you wake up- work day: 6-6:30; weekend: noon.

U: Underwear- What does that mean? Thong or briefs? Where I buy it? Do I wear it? I'm going for "do I wear it": yes, I do.

V: Vegetables you don't like- olives. Or is that a fruit? Either way, I can't stand them. (even though I love their oil, go figure!)

W: What makes you run late- oversleeping comes in first, followed by looking for my keys.

X: X-rays you've had- both legs and both arms (all 4 were seperate occasions), chest, stomach

Y: Yummy food you make- beans and rice! Well, the beans are canned, so does that count?

Z: Zoo animal favorites- giraffes. Can't help it.

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