Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Firm Wave, measurements, and a possible modified WW plan for me...

I've decided to finally start taking measurements of my body! I did this at the beginning of my WLJ, and I would love to see how far I've come since then! Unfortunately, I can't remember where I put them, but as soon as I find my original measurements, I will share my results with you. For now, I've decided to "put up or shut up" when it comes to my goal jeans.

Yes, I have raised my goal weight, but I still dream of fitting into those size 10's. Here's a lovely picture of my "goal jeans". They are American Eagle size 10 (and yes I know that is a teeny-bopper store!)

They actually currently go up past my thighs and hips, but are about 4 or 5 inches short of being able to zip up. :-) So, I'm making it a new goal of mine to focus on losing inches, not just pounds!

One way to up my inches lost is to change up my workouts, which is something that I discussed on here recently. I've decided that I really need to add more strength training to my workouts to start seeing maximum results.

And since I get bored with strength easily, I've decided to trick myself by using fun workout DVDs that combine cardio with strength. I dug out my Firm Wave and the DVDs that came with it.

Wow, I forgot what a great workout this is! I did the 40 minutes DVD last night, and this morning I'm feeling the burn in exactly the places that I want to firm up!!! (hips, upper thighs, lower stomach) so I know that adding this workout into my routine will help. Plus, it's 40 minutes long, the exact amount of time that I have to exercise before work. How perfect is that?!

Anyway, I am down .8 for my second week on the Simply Filling Technique. YAY!!!

I have decided to definately follow WW as written until I reach 145, and then to slowly start modifying it to fit my needs and wants.

Here are my thoughts on the "Leah's Modified WW Plan" so far:
  • -Stay on the Simply Filling Technique
  • -except add the following foods to the Power Foods list: nuts, natural nut butters, avacados, healthy no-sugar-added cold cereals, almond milk
  • -Reduce Weekly Points Allowance to 10-15 to make up for my Power Foods additions...
  • -Eat all AP if I want/need to

What do you think?

I think that those modifications could keep me ridiculously happy and able to stay on WW (even if not the "real" plan). I'll let you know how it goes, but it's not going to start until I'm maintaining for a bit.


Her Posh Palate... said...

Congrats on the loss, Leah!

Amanda said...

Good job Leah! You are going to hit your goal real soon. I can't wait to see a picture of you in your Size 10 jeans!

Andrea said...

I modify the SFT technique also. I've made too many modifications in the past and it didn't work. White for brown rice/pasta was the worst. Now I count plain almond milk and flavored soy milk that I get out (at Starbucks for instance) as a Power Food. Seitan and tempeh are listed as Power Foods on the Power Foods List, but not the online tracker. I've asked WW about this a few times and have not gotten a clear answer. I just do a quick add item of 0 points.

As long as it works for you, go for it. But if you're not seeing the results you want, start thinking about lessening your modifications.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a good plan in place! I think those foods you have listed to Power Foods should already be on the power foods list! Can't wait to hear your results.