Thursday, March 24, 2011

Selfish with my healthy foods... (rant)

This morning I felt like an angry monster. Mostly because when I went to make my oatmeal, I discovered that Stacey had DRANK my almond milk and it was ALL GONE. >:-(

I am often quite selfish with my healthy foods. Is this justified selfishness? I'm not sure.

Here's why I don't like Stacey eating my healthy/vegan foods:

1) They are expensive. Since we split groceries 50/50, this really shouldn't be an issue. Technically, half of the almond milk was "his". But sometimes, I will buy an Amy's pizza in the middle of the week, and when I bake it on Saturday he'll want to split it. When his Totino's pizza is sitting right there.

2) He is not trying to lose weight or eat healthy. Therefore, why is he eating my delicious healthy food?? He will eat a can of vienna sausage, a little debbie, a tall glass of sugary not real juice juice, and a lara bar. NOT COOL.

3) He's not vegan, and not trying to be. So stay out of my special vegan foods, especially my Amy's pizza, almond milk, and vegan boca burgers. Please?

Okay, vent over. Now on to rational thinking. LOL, if he reads this, I am sooooo in trouble. Not really... Stacey, I love you, and I'm sure that I do a lot of crazy things that you would blog about occasionally if you had a blog, right? :-)

I would love it if he decided to start eating healthier or to start cutting back on his meat consumption. If he did those things, I think that I would enjoy sharing my vegan goodies with him. But I will never pressure him to be vegan, like he'll never pressure me to give up veganism.

It is sometimes hard to live with someone who doesn't eat the same things that I eat. I struggle with this, mostly because I'm afraid of what will happen in the long term, if we should ever start a family together. I will want to raise the kid vegan, or at the very least vegetarian (I realize that it would be hard to keep him/her 100% vegan once they start school).

Also, I currently almost NEVER cook for Stacey. This is because he has stomach issues with beans, and I refuse to cook meat. So we each cook for ourselves, and he doesn't cook at all, so he is eating mostly this: canned meat, bread, balogna, frozen meals, lots of fruit, little to no vegetables, and fast food.

I feel guilty about it, but then I remember that I'm a feminist, and why should it be assumed that I should do the cooking in the household just because I am the woman?

P.S. Sorry for no "Tasty Tuesday" this week! My camera's batteries died and I haven't bought new ones yet.


Lindsey said...

Haha, I can't say I blame you! My husband and I deal with this CONSTANTLY. If he could, he would eat bacon topped with more bacon and wash it down with Mountain Dew for every meal. Oh wait, he actually DOES this sometimes! ;-P

I can completely understand your frustration... Eventhough you split the groceries 50/50. you can't eat 50% of HIS food when he makes it. So, he needs to respect what you're doing for your body and no eat 50% of your delicious vegan foods (for real, we have to plan around that stuff, and it's not easy!).

Feminism aside, what about a compromise? Say, one or two nights a week he goes vegan and healthy, and you cook up something to share. I HATE being the one to always cook in my home (because I am, unless by "cook" you count when my husband pops a pizza in the oven); but I find when we share a few meals, it's a nice balance. He's eating healthier/ meat-free, and I'm taking the initiative to cook. Sucks, I know, lol.

OR what if you encouraged him to find some ingredients he DOES like and then come up with something to cook together? I usually do that on soup or chili nights with my husband, and it works pretty well. He feels like he has a say, I get his help, and we create something together. It's rare, but when it happens, it's awesome. :)

If you're willing to compromise, so should he.

PS - I worry about having kids who eat meat ALL THE TIME. You're not alone! said...

I struggle with this too! I buy all the groceries in my house because I eat home a lot more than my boyfriend does, and any time he buys groceries it's things I won't eat. I had to sit him down and talk with him about it, because I WANT him to eat healthy, but he can't eat all my apples and then buy chips to "replace" what he ate. Since we sat down and discussed it, we've been much more on the same page and he just bought a huge bag of tangerines, which made me so happy!

That said, I haven't even started to think about how I will raise my kids/their diet. I've only become pescatarian over the last year or so, so it's something I really need to think about.

Katie said...

Haha, Leah, this post is hilarious! It also makes me feel happy that I live alone. I hate sharing food, particularly healthy, expensive food. And it would definitely irk me that my spouse was eating my "special" food and wasn't trying to lose weight/ be healthy.