Friday, March 25, 2011

NTF Challenge!!!

Tomorrow I'm starting a new challenge for myself (and for anyone else who wants to join!!!).

I'm calling it the "No Trigger Food" Challenge! I did something simular a few months ago with chips. Basically, I will be challenging myself to go 21 full days without any trigger foods.

What are trigger foods? Trigger foods are any foods that once I start eating them, I cannot stop. Sometimes, eating trigger foods turns into a full-out binge. I've pretty much put binge-eating behind me, but sometimes I still find myself wanting to overeat just for the sake of overeating.

I remember that when I did my "no chips challenge", it really helped me to stop craving chips so often. This time around, I'm adding all trigger foods to the challenge.

My Trigger Foods:
  • chips (potato, corn, pita, etc.)
  • unhealthy crackers that masquerade as healthy crackers (triscuits, wheat thins, whole grain saltines, etc.)
  • oreos (any and all types)
  • light wheat bread (seriously, this stuff is like crack to me.)
I think that these are it, but if I think of any others to add to this list, I will update it! So, tomorrow is the first day of the first "No Trigger Foods Challenge" (NTFC). 21 days without any trigger foods. Can I do it? Yes I can!!!
Why am I doing this? This week, I found myself eating more of these trigger foods than usual, and feeling a bit out of control with my eating. I'm scared that it's the beginning of a pattern, especially since I'm not PMSing. This is my way of taking control before I gain any weight with these trigger foods!
Yes, I do realize that this is very anti-Intutive Eating, but I'm still in the beginning phases of weaning myself off of WW/getting back to IE. :-)
I'm going to add a cute new ticker to the top of this blog showing how many days are left of the NTFC. (Yes, I'm obsessed with tickers!!!)


Kayla Sue said...

Hi! I'm a new reader, and I was so inspired by your progress photos!! I weigh 228 lbs and just started weight watchers, and I'm setting out to get down to 150 lbs. It's so encouraging to see someone who started where I am make it to their goals!!! I hope I can be as successful :)

Leah said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kayla Sue! :-)

Congrats on taking the first step and joining WW, it really helped me learn about portion control and quality foods.

You can do this, I know you can!