Friday, March 18, 2011

Healthy crackers and cold cereals = Leah Power Foods (LPF)

I love pretending that my new Weight Watchers plan is something official. ;-) As something official, it definately needs its own acronyms. The first one is "LPF" for Leah Power Foods. LPFs are foods that I'm incorporating into the Weight Watchers Power Foods list (found here if you are a WW online member).

This week, I added hummus as an official LPF. Next week (starting tomorrow for me), I am adding the second LPF to my plan: healthy crackers and cold cereals.

What qualifies as a healthy cracker or cold cereal? I'll tell you what doesn't: trigger foods.

For me, that automatically disqualifies things like oringial Wheat Thins and original Triscuits. I'll give examples of healthy crackers as I find more.

Last week I tried some delicious spelt cracker flatbreads from Whole Foods that definately qualify!!! They had pronouncable and recognizable ingredients, tatsed delicious, and aren't something that I would be tempted to binge on. Oh, and they were VERY low Point.

Healthy cold cereals: same rule. If I would be tempted to binge on it or if it has way too many unpronouncable and unrecognizable ingredients, it won't make the LPF list. So far, all the Nature Path cereals that I have tried qualify.

I'm subtracting 15 WPA to allow for these LPF. Last week, I was down 5 for hummus. This week I'm down 15 more, so my total WPA remaining will be 29. Gulp. Can I do it? I think that I can handle it! :-)

Tomorrow morning is a WI, and I'm not expecting anything great. I had an OKAY week, not a GREAT one, eating-wise. I'll report back tomorrow morning and let you know how it goes!

I hope that all of you have great weekends!
P.S. Yes, I know that I broke the "day of silence" but I couldn't help myself.

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Katy said...

I love Nature's Path cereal! I buy Smart Bran from Amazon....when I started replacing artificial sweeteners, I switched Fiber One cereal out with Smart Bran and I love it! I usually use it as a "filler" and mix it with another Nature's Path cereal or Kashi cereal.