Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The transition to IE, and Listening to my body...

First, an updated weight loss ticker, just to brag! :-) I love seeing that I've lost over 70 pounds since starting my weight-loss journey. I encourage all of you to post updated weight loss tickers to your blogs, and to smile and feel great about your progress, wherever you are on your journey.
By the way, "weight-loss journey" used to annoy me to no end. But I've really come to embrace that term, for I cannot think of a better way to describe the last 20 months for myself. It really has been a journey, and a lot of it has been focused on weight loss... so, WLJ it is. ;-)
I'm still not sure about my ultimate weight goal of 145. I have really decided to just really start listening to my body about this issue. I've mentioned my goal jeans before (American Eage size 10's from around 2004) and I continue to strive towards fitting into those.
My new weight loss goal: Once I get down to 145 (which I highly supsect will be pretty soon!), I will stop focusing on the scale as much and instead focus on the tape measure for progress. I still have a few inches that I would love to lose (mostly around my stomach and hips) and I just know deep in my gut that the way to get to my ultimate goal size is with Intuitive Eating and exercise, not Weight Watchers.
But to avoid the terrifying "re-gain" that I have often read about with people who get to goal and then quit WW, I am slowly weaning myself off of WW, not quitting cold turkey.
I will also be re-reading the book that taught me about IE, "Intuitive Eating" by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. I will post updates on this blog about the chapters that speak the most to me, just to let you guys know the gist of Intuitive Eating. I absolutely love it, and encourage anyone looking for something new to pick up the book and see if it's for you.
Listening to my body
This morning, I really wanted to do my planned workout on the Wave.
I have been having some lower back pain lately (something that I get on and off, I have a bad-ish back), and felt as if that would do more harm than good, so I stuck with my newest love, the recumbant bicycle (pictures coming soon!).
I'm really working on learning to listen to my body, and everything that it's telling me. Last night, I just knew that I was done eating for the day, but my body was telling me differently. So I ate some triscuits (PointsPlus counted, not a LPF) with salsa and some pickles.
I'm wondering if my body was telling me that I needed more sodium? Looking back on yesterday's menu and water consumption, that could easily have been the case.
Today I am craving vegetables for lunch, so I'll probably have a green monster and a big salad. It feels so good to listen to my body!!!
Do you listen to your body, or do you stick to your plan no matter what?
I used to be a strict planner, which is making this challenge to listen to my body pretty... well, challenging. It's just another baby step towards intuitive eating.


Katy said...

Leah! Thanks for sharing this book on intuitive eating....something I need to learn more about. Way to go on being so close to your goal and all of your accomplishments along the way on your "weight loss journey!" :)

LabelSnob said...

Congratulations Leah on losing over 70 pounds!!! That is fantastic!
I agree-listening to your body is soooo important!
Have a great day and rest of the week!!!

Amanda said...

Yes especially if my body is in pain. I've had back issues on and off since 2000 and one thing I've learned is that you have to take a step back and rest if needed. I've pushed myself and wound up in worse condition. Plus sometimes my body has better results with WI if I workout less. I think the change up does the body good. You are doing great!! I'm so excited that you are almost to your goal weight. I can only imagine what that must feel like. Keep it up!

Jennifer said...

"just to brag" :) Love it!

I am interested to hear about the IE book!

And I agree that it's so important to learn to listen to your body! That's where everyone is different! It irks me a little when I'm at WW and some of the "know-it-alls" give me shocked looks when I say I ate a whole box of macaroni and cheese (combining it with broccoli to at least give it some nutritional value) because I wanted it. It's not something I eat regularly, but I think you are right--our body craves what it needs after we've cleared our palette and started making healthier choices for ourselves.

Katie said...

Congrats on the AMAZING loss. 70 pounds is no joke =)

Gosh, I wish I listened more to my body, as opposed to eating because I have the points. I have read Intuitive Eating (may have to read it again!). I think it's great that you were sensitive enough to your body's signals to know you were craving salt. Good luck with everything!