Thursday, April 22, 2010

Confession: I've already gotten lazy!

No surprise for those who actually know me. I cooked for a week and a half, and then stopped being creative with my meals!

My basic meals now are still vegan, and some are even superhero, but most are very easy and quick. For instance, I am eating bean burritos at least every other day. Refried beans, salsa, tortilla, and sometimes (if I'm feeling creative) some brown rice and a bit of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Easy, vegan, delicious. But I feel like I'm eating too much processed foods in the tortillas. The last ones I got were from Whole Foods, and only contained like two ingredients, so not too processed, but still. Alicia was very clear about limiting the whole grain products and focusing more on the whole grains themselves. So I need to watch out for that. But still enjoy my bean burritos, because they are great, vegan, and easy!

The other popular meal I eat almost daily is beans and rice. I cook a big pot of brown rice on the weekend and eat it through the week. My favorite rice meal? A bowl with brown rice, white beans, sunflower seeds, EVOO, and a dash of sea salt. Yum! But almost every night I have beans and rice in some sort or another.

I have found a very easy, very lazy way to be a clean-eating vegan. Leave it to me, right?

I am determined to learn to cook at least one meal from TKD next week, even if it kills me. I need to cook if I'm going to make this diet last a lifetime!


Hilary said...

when you have the beans, rice, sunflower seeds, EVOO - is it hard to calculate the points? like each time you eat it do you measure out a quantity of each one so you can track it? i did WW a few years ago and thinking about starting up again. problem is when i did it last time at least 95% of what i ate WAS processed and came in a package with a serving size and nutritional info so it was super-easy to plug in the stats and have my points figured out.

the whole "recipe" and whole food eating concept is so much healthier and better but maybe makes the point tracking harder (and i'm not sure if i need to rejoin WW since i plan to just do online this time and not go to meetings)

how do you manage it? thanks for your help.

NewGilmoreGirl said...

I don't do WW anymore. But when I did, I measured 1/2 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup beans, 2 tsp seeds, 1 tsp EVOO and it was about 7 points. Very filling, so worth every point to me! But since I quit WW, I no longer measure, just try to stop eating when I'm satisfied.

Michelle said...

It's pretty easy if you use the simply filling technique. I've gathered the impression, however, that Leah isn't really doing WWs anymore and is concentrating on eating clean, vegan, and in an overall healthy manner. I say go her for being able to do all of that.

Michelle said...

Lols, I started posting that and then a student walked in. I feel fairly silly now.

Leanne said...

Mmmmm rice and beans, sounds good.

To the previous poster, I do WWers, but I eat clean (zero processed foods). I find that it does require a little more effort, but all the foods are right in the online tracker. There are just a lot more parts to my meals now, as opposed to the processed food that has "packaged" nutritional information. I might have to break down my meal, but if you do online, you just put in each piece and voila, easy peasy!

Sundara said...

you should try corn tortillas. there is less ingredients and i think its easier to digest, be sure to get the non-gmo organic ones :) the sprouted ezekiel ones are my favorite.

Michelle said...

Leanne: you're right, the etools are great! They're definitely a vital part of me staying on plan.