Monday, April 12, 2010

Week One- Thoughts.

Okay, so I know that it says in the weight-ticker over there that I lost 2.6 pounds last week. That's both true and misleading. This is actually the weight I lost between March 29 and today. So it's for two weeks. But since I skipped my April 5 weigh-in, 195.6 was the weight that I knew when I started this blog.

So really the average weekly loss is probably 1.3, not 2.6. Which is still AWESOME! My goal for 2010 was to lose an average of one pound a week, and so far I'm pretty much doing that. And it looks like since I stopped tracking by calories/ww points I'm still losing well.

I'm really trying to honor my hunger signals as discussed in The Kind Diet as well as putting my meals together with the 50% vegetables, 25% protein, 25% whole grain, or 50% vegetables and 50% whole grain formulas in mind. And chewing well! I really practiced my chewing over the weekend and realized that I don't need or even want as much food as I used to. When I chew really well, I eat about half of what I had planned for.

And I've discovered that I really love beans. All kinds! I have been eating canned, but this weekend I bought a bag of dried and will be trying those out this week. I also really need to get some more grains, because although I'm really loving the brown rice, I know that if that's what I keep basing my lunches and dinners around I'll be doomed to get bored of it soon.

Over all, I've learned that being vegan won't be as difficult as I have always thought it would be. It will be hardest when at family events and when going out to eat. For example, my mom's birthday is next month and I know that I will probably eat a piece of cake, which will have both eggs and dairy in it. But according to Alicia, that cake won't even taste right to me after a month of clean, vegan eating. We shall see.


Leanne said...

If you are looking for a new grain to try, and something vegan, try this:

It is pretty tasty and very filling! I love brown rice too!

Anne King said...

Congrats on your success Leah! Keep up the hard work! I haven't weighed myself yet, I'm thinking I will next Sunday and do it every two weeks because I tend to obsess over it! Anyways, good luck I look forward to your next post!

Anne <3