Monday, April 5, 2010

Me: In a Nutshell

Hi everyone! My name is Leah. I'm 25 and currently live in Memphis, TN. I work for a small engineering firm as an administrative assistant. My biggest dream for a few years now has been to move to New York City. It's actually a real goal now, and the plan is in the works! I estimate that I will be there by my 28th birthday, which is October 7, 2012. I will be keeping track of that goal on this blog, too. Mostly because my brother (who lives in NYC currently) has promised to follow this blog, and I'm sure he's curious how my NYC plan is going.

My history with dieting is pretty skewed, so I won't go too much into it except to say that I have tried a lot of different diets to lose weight. Also have had some experience with eating disorders. The latter was years ago, but my addiction to food has unfortunately held strong.

I have tried vegetarianism in the past, and really loved it. I really want to do it the healthy way now, and to eventually go vegan.

The book "The Kind Diet" has really inspired me to start the transition to a kinder life. I will start slow, as suggested in the book.

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