Monday, April 26, 2010

TGIFridays as a vegan...

I managed, but it wasn't really a well-rounded meal. I figure though, that if I can be vegan at Friday's, I can do it anywhere. (Except for BBQ places like "Corky's". I went there as a vegetarian once, and there was only one thing on their menu that didn't have meat: an onion loaf. Basically a fried loaf of onions, which was delicious, but made me sooooo sick later.)

Speaking of fried onions, of course I couldn't resist ordering an appetizer platter at Friday's. I got one with chicken wings (for Stacey obviously!), onion rings, and green bean fries. OMG, the green bean fries were amazing. They assured me that everything was fried in oil and that butter wasn't used, so although these things were vegan, they were not healthy and I definately ate too many of them.

For the main course, I got a BBQ chicken salad, (no chicken, cheese, or ranch dressing, please!). We fortunately got the "cool" waitress, (the one with lots of facial piercings and wearing fishnet stockings with her Friday's polo shirt), so she didn't have snobby issues with my veganized order.

Gotta say, that salad was great and filling all on its own. It has black beans and corn in it, which is why I chose it.

Next time, no appetizer tray. The salad was enough!
Luckily it was Sunday, so I have the rest of the week to "work off" those fried goodies. :-)

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