Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling Guilty about a lean cuisine?!

Who would have thought that I would ever feel badly about eating a lean cuisine? Not I. I have always thought that my beloved little cheese pizza was the epitome of healthy eating. WRONG. I actually have three pure vegan days under my belt right now. It's crazy, I was planning on doing the every-other-day thing, but ended up having a very vegan weekend.

And tonight I have planned to eat a lean cuisine pizza. It's a cheese pizza, so at least it's vegetarian. But it has a lot of cheese, or cheese-like-product, all over it. So at least one cow suffered to make this delicious little pizza, and I don't want to eat it.

Plus, my body has been detoxing both from dairy and simple sugars, which are both in this pizza. So how can I go back to eating this now, just to make sure that I don't "waste" any food? It doesn't seem right.

I think that I am going to speed things up a bit. I don't think that I can eat that pizza. I may have to give it away. But if I do end up eating it, I'm not going to feel badly about it afterwards. I think that I'm almost to the point where I want to throw my hands in the air and declare, "I am vegan, hear me roar!"

We shall see. I'll let you know what I decided tomorrow.


Katy said...

Hey Leah! I just checked out your blog. Very cool! :)

Michelle said...

I feel you about not wanting to waste things. However, it comes down to this - you're committed (re your later post) to eating vegan. You, the cows, chickens, etc, are all worth a hell of a lot more than the frozen pizzas you have in your fridge. So own it and move on. Enjoy your vegan life, deary, and don't feel guilty about it. If you must, donate them to a food bank.