Friday, April 9, 2010

Whole Foods Shopping?

I am going to add a short trip to Whole Foods to my grocery shopping this weekend. First I will try to get everything at Kroger and Easy Way (a produce store chain in the Memphis area that gets most of its produce locally and is fairly cheap so I've heard). Then I will give in and go to Whole Foods to get some more vegan convenience foods and other items mentioned in The Kind Diet that Kroger doesn't carry.

I found a list online of foods that Alicia recommends getting from the health food store.
(my thoughts in italics)

The List
* Follow Your Heart cheese- will probalby try this, but not necessary. Will definately depend on the price! I'm not really too interested in finding a cheese alternative.
* Vegenaise - will definately get this. I have had it in the past and love it!
* Earth Balance butter - another vegan product that I've tried and love, so again, I will get this!
* Field Roast sausages - I will compare prices of several vegan "sausages" and probably buy at Kroger, because more than likely it will be cheaper.
* Tempeh bacon - not interested. I hardly ever ate real bacon, so no need for alternative.
* Sunspire chocolate chips - will probably need if I want to make "raw balls" a recipe that looks really good in the book!
* Annie's Naturals Goddess organic salad dressing - I plan to make my own dressings with lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil. But if it's on sale, sure.
* Brown rice penne pasta - nah. I have plenty of whole wheat pasta already in the pantry. But probably in the future!
* Organic olive oil - maybe when I finish my giant bottle of generic EVOO.
* Balsamic vinegar - definately a Kroger item.
*Gardein Chick'n Scallopini (meatless) - nah.
* Amy's Organics soups - again, not necessary, but will check the prices.
* Whole grain rice - bought a big bag of Uncle Ben's the other day, so no need!
* Organic EdenBlend Rice & Soy Beverage - no thanks.
* Hemp milk - another thing that I will only get if I need it for a specific recipe.
* Leafy greens - Kroger and/or Easy Way for sure.
* Maple syrup as a sugar alternative - Kroger again.
* Rice Dream Mud Pie (Mint is Alicia's favorite) - She describes this snack throughout the book so much that I really have to try it now. I wonder if they are a sponsor! If not, they really need to give her money for the advertising, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who went out and bought this because of her.
* Whole grains - I can get plenty from Kroger.
* Newman's Own Organics Dairy-Free Newman-O's cookies - I saw these at Kroger, not sure I'm intersted. Seems like something I'd eat too many of.
* Luna Bar (Alicia likes the chocolate peppermint stick flavor) - These are amazing. I can get them from Kroger.

This is where I'm starting! I added a couple of my own things to the list:

* vegan bread
* sprouted grain tortilla
* umeboshi plums
* daikon
* nori
* quinoa
* ingredients for "raw balls"

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Sundara said...

I saw your comment on my blog and here I am. I like your blog too! I am a huge fan of the raw balls (as you know). I really tried to like umeboshi plums, but they are too nasty for me. You should try cooking with Kombu seaweed. You can put it any dish you boil (rice, soup, steel cut oatmeal) and it adds minerals vitamins galore. Thats my tip of the day. I just try to not eat anything with too much packaging! Thanks again for the kind words on my blog!