Thursday, April 8, 2010

Salad Review:

The salad was very filling. I made it through most of one plate of salad, and was satisfied. An hour later I had a few raisins, but that was probably more to satisfy my sweet tooth than my hunger.

The taste of the salad is interesting for me and my rookie palette. The sauce part, made of shallots, juices, oil, and vinegar? Way too onion-y for me. I had my first "I'm crying because of the onions!" moment last night. The arugula was kind of bitter in comparison to my usual salads of romaine lettuce and/or spinach. I think that it would be good in a mixture of greens, but not sure if I'd want a salad that was pure arugula again any time soon. (not that I have a choice in the matter, since I bought like 20 cups of it! But in the future...)

The only main ingredient that I've tried before was the red potatoes, and even those I've only ever had mashed or baked, never just steamed, and it was a different texture, but the same wonderful potato flavor.

My favorite new food that I tried last night? The edamame. It was delicious! It kind of had a natural saltiness to it, which I loved. It was crunchy and full of healthy things like soy protein. Delicious! I can see myself snacking on this delightful new find.

No pictures of the salad that I made, but it really did look almost exactly like the picture from the recipe site, so I'll post that to give you an idea of what my salad looked like.

I would eat this again, but not for every day, or even for every week. Next time I have a huge onion craving, I know where to turn!

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