Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting back on track: Today's Plan

breakfast: 1 banana w/ some peanut butter

snack 1: another banana (hey, bananas are delicious and ripe right now!)

lunch: brown rice, beans (haven't decided what kind but right now I'm thinking aduki or white), EVOO; steamed greens (collard and kale w/ lemon juice and sea salt = delicious!)

snack 2: seaweed rice crackers

dinner: vegan bean burrito! (multigrain tortilla, refried beans, salsa, onions, other veggies); side salad

snack 3: vegetables with dip (probably kraft catalina for lack of creativity!)

snack 4 (if hungry): airpopped popcorn with EVOO and sea salt

exercise: Curves circuit training (30 minutes); Gazelle cardio (30 minutes)


I feel pretty good about today's plan. Last night I really rocked my cardio session! I started to get that "high" about 20 minutes in, and it lasted the rest of the hour. It was fantastic! I love it when I really get into my exercise. I have always been more of a cardio person than anything else. But I have gotten much better results since adding a strength routine (Curves) to the mix, so I know now that I need both. I still don't have any flexibility training in my regular workouts, so I would love to start some sort of yoga or pilates regimen. No extra time or money for that right now, though. Hopefully eventually!

My meal plan is just a loose plan, really. I am not counting points or calories anymore, so if it changes, no big deal. The only reason that I wrote this down today is because it's day one of "no chips allowed" and I really need to hold myself accountable. Plus it's nice to see (in writing) how few processed items got in there. I am really focused on eating mostly whole foods, and I'm loving that. (damn "natural" ruffles!)

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