Monday, April 5, 2010

My First Kind Grocery List!

Here it is, my first grocery list as a "flirt" on The Kind Diet. In case you think that I've gone completely vegan, you'd be wrong. I still am enjoying my lean cuisines and smartpop popcorns that my mom keeps her freezer and pantry stocked full of for me. So I will partake in those pizza-and-popcorn meals a couple of times every week until I decide to make that sacrifice. That's the whole point of doing this slowly though. I'm learning! Here's the list:

Whole Grains
* brown rice
* cous cous
* bread
* tortillas

Spices/Cooking oil & vinegar (since I'm starting from scatch, cooking-wise)
* lemon juice
* sherry vinegar
* red wine vinegar
* sea salt
* black pepper
* chilli powder
* ground cumin
* cayenne pepper
* popcron salt and seasonings

Fresh Produce
* 4 medium red potatoes
* 4 medium shallots
* 18 cups arugula
* beets
* 2 medium oranges
* 3 medium zucchini
* 1 medium garlic clove
* cherry tomatoes
* mint leaves
* 1 bunch bananas
* 4 small apples
* 1 bag of salad (I know, I know)

* tomatoes
* fat free refried beans
* salsa

pumpkin seeds

Cookies/Chips/Snack Food
* vegan cookies
* natural chips
* wasa crackers
* raisins

* Edamame
* Amy's no-cheese pizza

* aluminum foil
* Diet soda

And at the bottom of my list I have a written disclaimer/note to self:

$100 maximum!!! Things that I can put back if I have to:
* pumpkin seeds
* wasa crackers
* Amy's no-cheese pizza

Obviously I'm buying some ingredients for a couple of recipes. I found them on the Weight Watchers website, and I will let you know how they are. Wish me luck with my first "kind" grocery shopping! :-)


Michelle said...

Your shopping list is pretty amazing. I have a friend who's vegan and I'm learning a lot about it. I'm looking forward to hearing about your journey and about some of the things you bought, particularly the vegan pizza and the recipes from that cookbook. I'm on WW as MNGRUE and have been having a fun and eye-opening adventure on SFT. Anyway, good luck!

Joel B. said...

Amaaaayzing list!

If I may add a few things? :-)

balsamic vinegar (soooo good on salad and in marinades)
garlic and onion powders
seasoned salt
canned black beans and corn (I can offer up some great recipes with these)
walnuts and dried cranberries (for a little more flavor to everyday salads!)

I'm really into -- there's a section where you type in the ingredients you have handy (as well as ingredients you DON'T want) and they'll suggest a myriad of recipes!

Keep being kind! I am inspired.

photophanatic1887 said...

num num num!!!!!

Reuse the foil--- you can clean it up and use it for weeks!

Anne King said...

Hey Leah,

You should try some Quinoa... :) really really yummy