Monday, April 26, 2010

Going "cold turkey"

... off of chips. I shouldn't be eating them. I am addicted to chips! Every time I open a bag (or tube, if I'm eating Pringles!), I eat the entire thing. If I'm sharing chips with someone, I get upset because I am unable to eat the entire bag/tube myself. I think that I will find happiness at the bottom of the bag, but that hasn't happened yet. So like any addiction, the best way to quit is cold turkey.
(BTW, is the phrase "cold turkey" anti-vegan?! Is it implying something about cold, dead turkies meant for consumption? I have no idea, will have to look it up!)

There are a few conflicts going on in my head about this decision.

One: Every time I've ever tried to not eat something, I end up craving nothing but it and eventually overeating/binge-eating on them. But,

Two: It takes 30 days (21 days? Two weeks? Hmmm...) to end an old bad habit or to learn a new good one. So if I just force myself to stick with this for a month, the cravings should be gone...right? However,

Three: I hate the idea of NEVER eating chips again. I love chips. Chips are my favorite food in the whole entire world. Wouldn't it be mean to myself to never eat them again? But,

Four: It's not like they are good for me. Chips (both potato and corn) fulfill no healthy guidelines. They are not on the food pyramid (maybe in the top under "use sparingly") and so I should probably not be eating these often, anyway. So,

Five: Why not just limit them? Tell myself that they are a weekend treat. Because,

Six: like I said earlier, I can't eat just a bit of them. I would eat a bag or two every weekend if I told myself that they were a "weekend treat". But...

Seven: Cutting out a food that I love just for the sake of dieting kind of sounds a little eating-disorder-ish to me. So, in conclusion:

I will give up chips, but only for the time being. Maybe eventually I'll be in a healthy frame of mind and be able to eat anything in moderation. For now, chips don't make the moderation list for me.

Hopefully by getting rid of the chips, I'll be able to become a superhero that much sooner! Right now chips are one of the only things holding me back. Wish me luck! :-)


Monnik said...

I like the idea of giving them up for now. Maybe you'll be able to change how you eat them at a later time and they won't be a trigger for overeating for you. Until then, it's a good idea limiting them.

Joel B. said...

You can do it! As you know, peanut butter is my ultimate trigger food, so I just don't keep it in the house. I shop with a list, on which peanut butter is not. :-)

The way I try to see it: how can I deprive myself of something that's not even there?