Friday, January 14, 2011

Food and Exercise Journal, January 13
time- food (PointsPlus)

8:00am- banana (0), granola bar (5)

10:30am- almonds (5)

12:30pm- wasa (3), healthy bean dip (3)

3:00pm- apple (0)

5:30pm- bagel (5), peanut butter (3)

7:30pm- celery (0), carrots (0)

9:00pm- steamed veggies (0), brown rice (5), tsp evoo (1)

Points Summary:
DP used: 29/29
WPA used: 1/1 (remaining)
AP earned: 0
AP used: 0/44 (earned so far)

GHG Summary:
Fruits/Veggies- CHECK!
Healthy Oils- CHECK!
Lean Protein- CHECK!
Whole Grains- CHECK!
Activity- NOPE! But it was a DOR, so... kind of yes.
Sugar/Alcohol- CHECK!
Vitamins- NOPE...
Liquids- CHECK!

Lessons Learned:
I ate as soon as I got to class, out of boredom. Class started late, and I had a big peanut butter bagel in my bag... what was I supposed to do? Actually wait to get hungry? Next week, I will bring a book to read in case this happens again. I am trying to leave boredom eating behind me!

Today's Plan:
breakfast- banana (0) and granola bar (5)
lunch- wasa (3), healthy bean dip (3)
dinner- brown rice (5), beans (2), evoo (1), veggies (0)
snacks- bagel with peanut butter (8), fruit and veggies (0), wasabi peas (2- I don't know how many or few peas this will be yet, I am new to this snack food!)
activity- Curves (+2), Nordic Track (+8)

Thanks, everyone, for bearing with me as I tracked on here this week. It has really helped me to get re-focused and back on track during this post-holiday, pre-school year week. Up next: I will be doing a series of easy to make/low in points/easy to eat in class/vegan snacks and sandwiches! I hope that you enjoy the posts as much as I intend to enjoy making them. :-)


Lindsey said...

I'm so glad you're sharing your journal - It's really helped me think about what my "food triggers" may be, too. You're doing SO well! Do you ever have wine/ liquor/ beer/ etc? Are they super high in points if you want to enjoy a drink while you're out/ I'm sure margaritas have to be like 1000000 points lol - Keep up the awesome work!!!

Leah said...

Lindsey, I don't drink often, usually on special occasions only (my birthday, Stacey's birthday, Halloween, New Years, and sometimes Christmas...). I would love to add some more red wine to my routine, but it is point-y. (4 pointsplus for 2 oz, I think)