Monday, January 3, 2011

Two exciting Christmas presents to share with you...

I got plenty of amazing Christmas presents. I am spoiled and lucky, I know.

The two that I received that will most help me with this blog are the ones pictured:

The Magic Bullet (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)
PETA's Vegan College Cookbook (Thanks, Kevin!)

Both of these are pretty cool for anyone, but especially for a vegan on a budget.

The Magic Bullet is something that I desperately needed and wanted. I have been dying to try a "Green Monster" since I joined Weight Watchers. And now that fruits are zero PointsPlus, these powerful smoothies are way more point-friendly than before. I'm way excited to try this out! I will share any and all recipes that work and/or fail right here on this blog.

Plus, my kitchen was lacking a food processor and a blender, and this is both!

My brother Joel and I used it once to make salsa. It was very onion-y, but to me that worked. I looooooooove onions! I do think that next time I will use more tomatoes, though. It would be nice to have salsa that is red. (Ours was green).

Next up, PETA's Vegan College Cookbook. When I first opened this present, I thought: Another cookbook that I probably won't use, since cooking takes so much time and effort!

But upon opening it, I was hooked. I've already "cooked" from this. I put cooked in quotes because no recipe in this book required a stove or oven. It's all microwave or less. Some recipes are just like mine: open a can or two, stir together, add sauce, and you're done.

It's amazing. I love this book. It is everything that a lazy vegan such as myself could hope for. Please look at this book, especially if you ARE NOT vegan. It's a great testiment to veganism made easy. One of the first chapters mentions that most ingredients in this book can be bought at a DOLLAR STORE.

Tonight I am going to make a recipe from this book using the following: a can of chickpeas, an apple, some diced celery, and vinegar. I will post the recipe tomorrow, especially if it turns out okay. This book will be coming up again and again in this blog, so look forward to that! :-)

Is it Weight Watchers friendly? Of course it is. Not all of it is points-friendly, though. Especially the desserts section! And a lot of the recipes call for something like 5 TABLESPOONS of olive oil, for something that has 2 servings. That's crazy points. But, I plan to modify some of the oil amounts and to eat everything in moderation. In that sense, all cookbooks are WW friendly. This one, I will have to experiement with. I look forward to plugging in some of these to the recipe builder and finding out!


Priscilla aka MUJunkie88 said...

OMG Leah i want that magic bullet too!!! tell me if it works good =)

Katy said...

Thanks for the review on the PETA cookbook-this would be great to have when I am away from my kitchen or traveling. Thanks!

Amanda said...

Exciting!! I wish I would have bought a bullet instead of a blender. Oh and I just bought myself a food scale so I should be getting that soon. I figured it would help me stay more accountable when it comes to..well just about everything! I'm hoping it comes in the next day or two.