Thursday, January 20, 2011

Will "college eating" destroy my Kind Dieting?

This thought occured to me yesterday. Now that I'm a college student, I'm eating more "on-the-go" types of vegan foods for dinner and snacks most nights.

Sandwiches, trail mix, cut-up veggies and fruits, oreo stix...

This also means that I'm basically switching from brown rice to whole grain bread.

In TKD, Alicia says that I should choose whole grains in their purest form whenever possible... so I'm hoping that by making the rice-to-bread switch I don't mess up my body. Or my weigh-ins.

My bread is 2 PointsPlus per slice. But it's actually only 3 PointsPlus for two slices. Don't ask me how, it's Weight Watchers math. Either way, I'm glad to save that point.

But will my new sandwich habit slow down my losses?

I'm actually craving brown rice right now... Which is a good thing, I suppose. But now I won't have time to make and eat my beloved brown rice except for on the weekends. So I guess that I will make a delicious, brown rice-infused meal tomorrow night, and stop worrying about my bread.

And it's only my first week as a student, I need to give my new way of eating a few weeks before I start to worry... right?

Or is there a way to make rice and beans in a crockpot? I will have to look into it, because it would be great to come home from class (around 9pm) to a home-cooked meal of beans and rice.


Andrea said...

How about cooking a batch of brown rice (or another whole grain) and beans over the weekend and microwaving it when you get home from class?

There is also Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice:

or Minute Steamers Brown Rice:

Chris said...

I make dahl in a Crockpot. For the grain I use Quinoa (which is a delicious high protein grain.) I throw in the Quinoa with the lentils, spices, water, tablespoon of oil, onions, etc.

Turn the Crocpot on - cook on low for 6 to 7 hours. That's it! (makes 3 or 4 lunch portions)

Katie said...

Leah, if you use instant rice you can make rice and beans pretty quickly when you get home. Also, I agree with PP, make it over the weekend and microwave it when you get home from class.

Good luck! It sounds like you have a pretty challenging schedule.

Leah said...

Andrea and Chris- thanks for the ideas!

Katie, my schedule is insane now! Work 8-5, class 5:30-8:30. But I still have the weekends off, thank GOD.