Thursday, January 27, 2011

Food Pictures!

The responses were pretty much unanimous: You want to see pictures of my food! :-) So, I decided to post the last three delicious meals that I've eaten.

Chocolate Peanut butter and banana toast!
6 PointsPlus
-2 slices whole wheat bread, toasted
-1 small banana, sliced
-1 tablespoon Peanut Butter & Co. "dark chocolate dreams"

Lunch, bowl-style
10 PointsPlus
-1 cup leftover brown rice
-1/2 cup bean trio (canned, rinsed and drained)
-1/2 cup corn (canned, NSA)
-salsa, to taste
-1 teaspoon EVOO

Barley, beans, and veggies!!!
8 PoinstPlus
-1 cup barley (I just found out that I can cook barley in my rice cooker!!!)
-1/2 cup bean trio (leftover from lunch)
-lots of steamed broccoli and carrots
-1 teaspoon EVOO


Amanda said...

Did you buy the beans in a trio mix? Your lunch looks like something I could eat on a regular basis. It also looks like it would be super filling. Yum! Thanks for sharing.

Rae said...

Umm that all looks good and easy to make. I make something very similar to your Lunch bowl often (mine has black beans instead of bean trio and I use canola oil). It is so good and easy. Going to have to try these soon, especially the toast!

greenraquel said...

what type of barley do you use? this looks delicious!