Thursday, January 6, 2011

I made a smoothie!

...and I liked it.

-1 ripe banana
-4 strawberries (I left the stems on!)
-handful of baby spinach
-1 clementine
-1/2 cup of orange juice
-3 ice cubes

I put all of these into my Magic Bullet (using the blender top) and it was pretty good. Tasted like a "Naked" juice. Looked kind of like this picture, but with a few more green specks in it. Couldn't taste the spinach. Amazing!

I have also made a few things from the book, "PETA's Vegan College Cookbook" and I'm OBSESSED with this book now. It makes me happy! It gives me the delusion that I am a great cook.

After reading many online reviews about this book, I have found out that many people make fun of it as not being a "real" cookbook. And yes, there are some very simple recipes in it, but that's why I love it!

It doesn't intimidate me like many other vegan cookbooks, like "Veganominicon" which I have picked up in many bookstores, gotten scared, and left behind. So many foreign ingredients!

And yes, I have the same problem with all the recipes in The Kind Diet. Too many expensive ingredients, lots of steps to every recipe, many recipes take hours to make. :-(

Finally, I have found a cookbook that I can commit to, and I really do think that I will be trying most (if not all) 275 recipes in this book. :-)

The best one so far:

Dirty Chick(pea) Cleansing Salad

-1 15.5 oz. can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
-an apple, cored and diced
-celery, diced

-Mix all ingredients together. Eat.
In the book, it calls this 1 serving. I split it into 4 servings, 3 PointsPlus each. Each was a pretty decent sized bowl! I did eat 2 servings at once for lunch once, for 6 PointsPlus. I can only imagine the effects of eating an entire can of chickpeas in one sitting. Perhaps that is why this is a cleansing salad?

I look forward to putting more of these fun recipes into the recipe building on and seeing how I can modify either the amount of olive oil (some recipes call for an insane amount!) or the amount of servings.

Seriously? I am a chickpea convert. I now love chickpeas!


Katie said...

Leah, that smoothie looks amazing. I'm usually not a huge fan of smoothies, but they seem like such a good way to get in a lot of GHGs. By the way, your cookbook sounds great and I think simple recipes are often the best.

Priscilla aka MUJunkie88 said...

that smoothie sounds great!! too bad I dont have a magic bullet! LOL i hate using my blender...but ill try it on the weekend =)

Florrie said...

a challenge if you choose to accept it....
1 year...

275 recipes :D