Monday, January 10, 2011

My newest snack obsession... (and general WW update)

Triscuits with hummus. I could eat this all day long. Seriously, have you tried triscuits with hummus? If not, you are missing out.
Anyway, I am down .6 for 2011 so far. Not my best weigh-in, but very far from my worst. I will take the loss!
Now I am finally back to an "even" number. 157.0. Maybe I can get back to losing a pound a week now, for awhile? Stay at an even number?

This weekend I ate 37 of my 49 weekly points, which is insane. But in my defense, there was a LOT of down time. And it's that time of the month (TOM), and around TOM I tend to overeat more than usual, especially the snack-y stuff like chocolates and french fries.

So I have 12 WPA left to get me through to my next weigh-in, which is Saturday the 15th. My plan is to eat 4 per day for three days and then stick to my DP on Thursday and Friday. I'm hoping that this way of spreading them out will help me on the scale, but who knows?

Also, it's a SNOW DAY in Memphis today! Which is so rare that it's amazing. I love snow. I think that it was such a beautiful evening last night, watching the flakes fall.

Of course, now comes the nasty part: Sleet and freezing drizzle is expected to fall all day today, which will make the roads worse than they already are. To me, the roads weren't that bad this morning. I took it slow driving to work, and made sure to WOFI (Watch Out For Idiots).

I did track 100% over the weekend, which is why I know exactly how few WP I have left. And it feels pretty great to be back to tracking. Even though I only took a couple of days off (December 25 and 26) it has taken me this long to get back to being at 100% tracking. And I'm glad to be back OP.

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