Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ring NSV

I have been wearing my grandmother's pinkice ring for about a year now, always on my right hand ring finger.

Today, it fell off!!!

I had to move it to the next biggest finger, the middle finger. It feels weird, but I love the ring, and I know that this means that my fingers are getting closer to their perfect size.

Once I hit my goal weight, I will have the ring resized to fit my newly thin ring finger.

Until then, I will just move it on up, one finger at a time.


Amanda said...

YAY!! That is such a great feeling. I'm glad you didn't lose the ring when it fell off.

A few months ago I had spacers put in my wedding ring and my right hand ring. Well my fingers go up and down in size especially with our cold weather that the spacer in my right hand ring broke. Now I can't wear that ring until I get it sized. I might look to see if I can get a plastic spacer. The ones I have are gold to match my rings. Now if my wedding ring spacer breaks I might have to buy a 'fake' ring to put on my wedding finger for awhile. I don't want to get it sized and then have it be too big if I lose more weight.

Have a good weekend!

LabelSnob said...

AWESOME!!! I remember when I couldn't even get my wedding rings off without oil and practically yanking my finger off and now they fit perfectly!!!

Katie said...

Nice NSV! You have such pretty hands too =)