Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Help the stray puppies?

There are three stray puppies running around my apartment complex. They look kind of like this guy:
My heart goes out the them!!! I want to load them into my car and take them to the vet. Make sure that they are healthy, get shots for them, have them spayed or neutered, and find homes for them.
Unfortunately, I had to get to work. Then I have to go to class. Plus, my boyfriend gave me a big "NO WAY" when I told him of my "save the puppies" plan. Also, I have no idea where their mom is, if she would be part of the package, too, or not.
I hate when I want to help but I can't. :-(
What would you do?


Amanda said...

That's tough. Is there a shelter you can call? Maybe one that would take them in so they don't have to be outside on their own? Maybe the boyfriend would let you take them in just for a day or two until a shelter takes them?

ann said...

aw i love rottweilers (if thats what they are!)! i would have taken them all home! but as the person above should find a shelter or call someone to come pick them up.

Rae said...

That is a tough situation, I would definately call a shelter about what to do with them.

Leah said...

I couldn't find them this morning, so I'll keep my eye out today, but will hope that someone else has taken care of them.