Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sharing my Journal to get back on track

Well, yesterday was a 50% OP day for me. Meaning that I stayed in my points, but... that's it. No GHGs were met. Well, maybe a couple... Here's yesterday's journal, GHG foods in bold:

8:00am- banana (0) , granola bar (5)
12:00pm- chocolate cheerios (3), soy milk (1), banana (0)
3:00pm- almonds (5)
6:00pm- triscuits (6), hummus (2), oreo sticks (3)
8:00pm- 2 hamburger buns (4), more hummus (2), redvines (3)

34 Points consumed. I had planned to use 33, so that went pretty well, but... I met basically none of the GHGs except water.

This is very PMS-related, I'm sure, but still. Today the plan is to get back to 100% OP, and to ignore my TOM cravings. I'm out of oreo sticks and almost out of chocolate cheerios, so it should be easier to ignore the chocolate cravings today. But I do still have half a box of triscuits and half a bag of pretzel sticks, so I will have to work to ignore the salty cravings... I will plan some into my day, which should help.

So, I'm back to sharing my journal with you guys again, at least for the next couple of days. Here's the plan for today (GHGs in bold):

8:00am- banana (0) and granola bar (5)
Lunch- refried beans (2), wasa crackers (3), evoo (1), carrots/celery (0)
Snack- almonds (5), fruit cup (0)
Dinner- brown rice (5), beans (2), veggies (0), evoo (1)
Snack(s)- triscuits (6), hummus (2), apple (0), peanut butter (1)
Workout(s)- Curves (+2), Nordic Track (+8)
Total Points- 33DP/WPA, +10AP

I feel better already. :-)

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Katie said...

Leah, your menu looks delicious! Good luck getting back on track today. I'm in a similar boat, except my goal is to not waste points on alcohol.