Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Wow, what a powerful day I had yesterday! :-)

I ate 100% from the Power Foods list, and I have to say that I felt great all day long. From my oatmeal breakfast to my brown rice and beans lunch and dinner, to my fruit and veggie snacks... I was satisfied.

I ended up eating less than my daily PointsPlus. I ate 26 PointsPlus yesterday! It is a WW first for me. Since starting WW in May/June 2009, I have never gone under my daily points. Nope, I've been an eat-whatever-I-can kind of gal, usually eating all DP plus some WP/AP every day.

So I was shocked when I went to bed last night, satisfied at 26.

I almost took pictures of both my lunch and dinner, but ultimately decided against it! Would you like to see pictures of my food, or would that be too KERF-y for this blog? (I love KERF, by the way, I just don't know if people are interested in seeing pictures of my meals, or if reading about them is good enough for this blog).

Seriously, they were delicious! I need to make another big batch of rice in my rice cooker tonight, since I'm almost all done with what I made on Monday.

Lunch (10 PointsPlus): mixed together in a bowl- 1 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup ff refried beans, salsa (to taste), 1/2 cup corn (kernels, canned, NSA), 1 tsp EVOO. note: On a normal WW day, this would have tasted even better in a tortilla, and it would have only been one more PointPlus (I get high-fiber, low-carb tortillas)

Dinner (10 PointsPlus): mixed together in a bowl- 1 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup black beans, 1/2 cup corn (kernels, canned, NSA), 1 tsp EVOO, green beans (canned, NSA, entire can), sea salt and black pepper (to taste)

I usually don't eat corn, but I realized yesterday how much I have missed it! When I was planning my meals, I saw that I would be under points for the day. So I added corn to both meals, and I was still a bit under for the day.

Maybe it's that I stuck to the Power Foods list, maybe it's because I ate bigger, pointier meals, but whatever the reason, I had NO cravings for junk yesterday, and ended the day satisfied and with 3 PointsPlus to spare.

Since I don't enjoy eating less than my DP (in fact, I always want to eat at least my DP, never go under) I don't plan to have another Power Foods challenge day again.

I think that as a vegan who doesn't cook much, I need my nuts and nut butters to get me the PointsPlus that my body needs.

Yesterday did teach me some things:

1) Power Foods really are powerful. I was satisfied between meals, and never had junk food cravings, which is rare for me.

2) I will be able to do the Simply Filling Technique easily, if I ever want to. Yesterday's food + a tortilla and an ounce of almonds on SFT = 6 points. I can do it!

3) I don't need my granola bar for breakfast, but I sure do love it. And the simple sugars in it may be causing my junk food cravings all day long? I am not sure, but I've heard that theory and had never tested it until yesterday.


Her Posh Palate... said...

Hi Leah!

I started the first week of the year posting random updates with photos of my food. I do find it a bit Kerf-y, but it really helps ME to be able to go back and see what I have/have not been eating.

Katie said...

Leah, congrats on having such a successful day! And yes, I'd like to see pictures, even though I never post them myself ;)

Amanda said...

I love seeing pictures of peoples food. I think adding them would be a nice touch.

Andrea said...

Let's see some photos!

Nothing has to be 100%. Even on Simply Filling, which I follow, I have 90 WPA (as a Lifetime member, 49 otherwise) for non-Power Foods. I usually eat at least 60 each week. Eventually, a PointsPlus day should begin to look like a Simply Filling day.

Awesome job. Aren't Power Foods amazing?

Katy said...

Leah-I would like to see what you are eating. I always get inspired by what other healthy Weight Watchers (especially vegan ones) are eating!

Priscilla said...

Wow!! I love it...i need to buy some more brown rice..i have everything else at home so I can make the lunch and dinner you had =)